Mocking at his “MOCK” exams!!

Vignesh, in Class VII is having his mock exams from today throughout this week. It seems that it is a preparatory test for the actual Final exams that begin on March 7th.  We are planning for our long pending vacation from this month end till March 5th, which means that he may not be able to actually “prepare” for his finals.  Although the Big Boss, Mr. V was apprehensive about this trip, the smaller V promised his dad about his dedication, devotion and such things and made his dad agree to the trip.  He also told us that he would prepare meticulously for his “mock”s so that it would be a cake walk for him during his actual finals!

Poor Mom and Dad, we are, we agreed to his deal and forgot about the same. There was a team trip on Saturday with my team and he happily agreed to be part of it along with his brother and few other kids too!! Had a great adventurous and tiring day till night and just dropped off to bed as soon as we came home…Yesterday too, he never opened his mouth about the mocks starting today.  Slowly, as the evening turned into night, he was trying to read his book along with watching some crap movie on TV, I questioned him on the starting date of the exams. He coolly replied, “Don’t you know that I open my book only when the exams dawns the next day?” I was totally bowled by his answer.

I am at a loss whether to change myself into a mom who keeps nagging her children about every other stuff that happens in the school or just leave him know what he ought to d0!!


Midterm test at School today!! Night show at Inox yesterday!

Vignesh is having his mid-term exams from last week. He is a movie buff, like his father as well as their forefathers!! He was waiting to watch Surya’s diwali release movie “7m Arivu” from Diwali itself.  His dad was busy and somehow taking the kids to this movie was getting delayed.  In between, Karthik who is an ardent Vijay fan was enthralled when Vythi had booked tickets for Velayudham for all six of us (Vythi, me, Vignesh, Karthik, and Vythi’s parents) two weeks back.  After this movie, Vignesh was all the more waiting to go to Surya’s movie. Yesterday, the kids were having a great time with Vythi at home during afternoon, as I had gone out.

When I returned home, I found that Vythi had booked tickets for “7m Arivu” at Inox, for yesterday’s night show.  I screamed stating that Vignesh was having his Social Studies exam today at school and hence it wasn’t ok to go to movie the previous night!! Vythi said, Vignesh has finished reading his lessons, and also added that “Vignesh says “If I watch this long pending movie, I would be even more enthusiastic to write the test”. Enna Koduma da idhu!! நாளைக்கு பரிட்சை, இன்னிக்கு சினிமாவா! என்று மனம் குமுறினாலும் வேறு வழியில்லாமல் சென்றேன்.

என்ன கொடுமைடா இது!!

டைட்டில் பயங்கர  ‘கிக்’கா இருக்குல்ல!! இப்போ கொஞ்ச நேரம் முன்னாடி என் பசங்க ஸ்கூல் முடிந்து வீட்டிற்கு வந்ததும் நானும் வராத காரணத்தால் (உள்ளுக்குள்ள ஒரே குஷியாய் இருந்திருக்கும் போல!!) என் கைப்பேசியில் என்னை அழைத்தனர். சின்னவன் கார்த்திக் அவனது வழக்கமான பள்ளிப் புகார்களை வாசித்து முடித்த பின் நான் எப்போது வருவேன் என்று கேட்ட பிறகு தன் அருமை அண்ணனிடம் தொலைப்பேசியைக் கொடுத்தான். அண்ணன் தன் முறைக்கு தான் தன் வகுப்பில் கணிதத்தில் இரண்டாவது அதிக மதிப்பெண் என்றும் கூறினான்.  அதைக் கேட்டு கண்டிப்பாக நான் அவனைப் பாராட்டி இருக்க வேண்டும். அதிலும் நான் அவனோடு துளியும் உட்காரவில்லை அவன் பரிட்சைக்குத் தயார் செய்யும் போது.!! மேலும் என் தாய் தந்தையர் இருவருமே என்னையும் என் அண்ணனையும் ரொம்ப “டார்ச்சர்” செஞ்சதில்லை! என் தந்தை நாங்கள் கொண்டு வரும் விடைத்தாளை என்ன மதிப்பெண் பெற்றிருக்கிறோம் என்று கூட பார்க்காமல் கையொப்பமிடும் ரகம். அவருக்கு மகளாகப் பிறந்தும், நான் விக்னேஷிடம், “என்ன இருந்தாலும் ஒரு கணக்கு வாத்தியாருக்கு மகனாய்ப் பிறந்தும் நீ இப்படி முதல் மதிப்பெண் வாங்கத் தவறியிருக்கக் கூடாது” என்றேன். அவன் ஒரே போடாக, “அம்மா! நீ எழுதி முதல் மதிப்பெண் வாங்கவில்லை என்றால் அர்த்தம் இருக்கு! எனக்கு நான் வாங்கிய மார்க் போறும்” என்றதும் நான் ஆனேன் கப்சிப்.!!

Kiddo talks!!

It has been a long time since I found time to write about my kids’ and their enjoyable talks.  Recently happened to hear a few:

Karthik:  My younger one Karthik, has now got a regular habit of grazing through the newspaper, daily morning, once he is back from his regular cricket class.  Last week, newspapers were carrying the front page news of Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s flight missing, and the possibility of his being kidnapped due to political reasons.  Suddenly Karthik came to the kitchen where I was engrossed in my own work and thoughts.  He interrupted and asked me in a serious tone, “Amma, can elders too be kidnapped?”  I replied, “Why not?” .  He instantly told me that “I am thinking the word kidnap came because it could be thought of as something related to ‘kid’ and hence only kids would be abducted or taken away from their parents.  I never knew big people too can be kidnapped!! ” In spite of my hectic work, I enjoyed his thought on kidnap…

Vignesh:  He has been roaming with me, ever since our plans to buy a new flat materialised.  He used to come to say suggestions to the site engineer, to the bank for loan application purposes etc etc.  Last Saturday, my husband and myself were discussing about some existing loan to be closed and how to go about the same.  We were discussing what could be our immediate difficulties etc.  Vignesh suddenly enquired as to what does it mean when we say the loan is to be closed.  Something in his facial expression made me ask, “What do you think that phrase could mean Vignesh?”  He replied, “I think, if we go and plead with the bank, that we are under great difficulty and are not able to repay, the bank would then automatically close the loan.  Is that the way, Amma?”.  I replied, “It isn’t that easy as you think my child!”

Kids have their own way of interpreting things or phrases.!!

SpellBee Contest and Vignesh

I have never been a Mom who keeps on nagging the kids to study.  My parents have never been so, and I guess, I follow their footsteps.  Of late, my elder one Vignesh, has never sat down to study, because he had not had any tests for the past two months.  They are having the final Cycle test in March, he says that he need not study till then.

Suddenly, two weeks ago, he said, there was a Spelling Bee competition within his class, and he had cleared the first level.  He wanted money for registering for the School Level Competition.  I have always been sad that he is not the kind of kid, who jumps at every competition that he comes across.  He asked for money, when we were standing in front of our apartments at 6:45 in the morning waiting for the school bus to come.  I was annoyed and said that he can forego the competition as he didn’t remember to ask us for money the previous night itself.  It was his day, and the bus was nowhere to be seen.  He immediatley ran upstairs, and brought money from his kiddie bank. He cleared the school leve too, and got selected for the District level competition.

The district level competition took place  yesterday at D.A.V. School, Velachery.  He cleared a few rounds, but still couldn’t make it to the next level, the State Level.  It was a lesson for him, to work hard.  It was also a lesson for me, as a parent.  I could see many anxious parents who were making the child study till the nth minute, a few who didn’t want to hear that their child didn’t excel and the like.  I could see the sad faces of the kids who didn’t make it to the next level.  I do not want my child to be pressurized by such events.  Winning and losing doesn’t matter, it is just the participation that matters!

“I am a BIG Boy!!” says my elder one, Vignesh!

Yesterday was Vignesh’s 11th birthday.  Every year, for both our kids, we used to host small b’day parties, inviting all their friends in our apartment as well as kids of our family friends.  This year, yesterday being his birthday, we thought we will finish our shopping for Vignesh as well as for the birthday party on Sunday.  When we asked Vignesh about the party arrangements, and ordering for cake etc., he said, “Appa, I am not still a small kid, to celebrate my birthday with cake cutting etc.  I think I have grown up and would stop such celebrations from this year onwards!”.  More than me and my husband, Karthik and his Paati were upset on hearing his words.  Paati and Karthik loves to party. Especially Karthik would feel at his best when he is left to be himself, and is among his friends playing and running around.  Karthik even tried pacifying his elder brother saying that, “Dai Anna, I’ll do all the preliminary work, like calling out friends, helping Amma and Appa arrange for the party etc.  Please daa, we’ll celebrate daa…”  Nothing went into the elder one’s ears and he was stubborn on his decision.  Thus, went Vignesh’s birthday without much celebrations….Anyways, Happy birthday my dear son, Vignesh, We are proud to hear that your are growing up…

Science Test got over, but the scars still remain!!

Yesterday, was the First Cycle Test for both Vignesh, Class VI and Karthik, Class III.  Karthik had a cake walk, especially since he is a math wizard.  Also, the fact that the First Cycle Test portions are not very tough, since it is mostly the brushing up of concepts that was done in the previous year, i.e. Class II.

Their school, makes it a point, that the paper is more interactive, and the kids love to take up the exam.  All this made Karthik to complete his Math paper very easily…But, poor chap, Vignesh, for whom, almost all family members helped in his exam preparations, it was a not so easy paper.

Vignesh, in Class VI, has in Science, three sub-subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  There were totally three lessons for this cycle test, one from each of the sub-subjects.  It was Measurement and Motion in Physics, Matters in Chemistry and The world around us, in Biology.  The easiest was Biology, while the other two were equally tough.  In Physics, there were a lot of definitions for various motions like curvilinear, rectilinear, translatory, rotatary, periodic, oscillatory etc., Each definition was followed by various practical examples.  Chemistry was a mixture, like definitions for alloys, mixture etc., followed by terms like solute, solvent, decantation, desalination, filteration, winnowing and the list goes endless.

For the effort the kids had put, the paper could have been a bit easy.  It was not.  The paper was more of a practical type; There were few pictures, and the students were asked to guess what type of motion it was, a few questions that tested the analytical skills and a few other where, more in depth knowledge into the subject was compulsory to answer the same.

When Vignesh reached home, and I saw the paper, I could understand the stress the tired kid might have undergone and told him not to worry much about the results.  When his dad, Vythi, reached home, and I narrated the miserable status of the kids in Vignesh class, Vythi, initially didn’t believe.  He wanted to go through the paper, for which Vignesh immediately agreed and gave him the same.  Once, he finished a quick glance on the paper, his immediate reaction was “I really feel inferior.  I might fail in this paper, if I write now”.  My father-in-law is a pioneer in Chemistry, and hence he was called in for checking Vignesh’s answers in Chemistry.  To our delight, Vignesh had answered everything correct in Chemistry.  His Physics and Bio performance too were good, but his marksheet has to spell out his intelligence…at least for Vignesh to get a brand new Cycle for himself.

All the very best, Vignesh, New Cycle after Cycle Test!!!