Karthik and Division(Maths) – Not at all Made for each other!!

Today is Karthik’s Cycle test, and the subject is Maths.  It is one of his favourite subject and I always feel great,  as I don’t need to be behind him, telling “Padidaa, padidaa, etc etc.”  But, just during Oct. mid, his maths teacher has started on Division concepts, and now he has three digit dividends with single digit divisors.  It has always been a cakewalk for Karthik as far as Maths is concerned, but Division seems to be a NIGHTMARE!!

Being a Maths teacher, I was more concerned in making him understand the concept, and sat with him many times.  Vythi too, kept his cool, and taught him various variations, so that he get the idea well.  But, when I kept a mock test yesterday evening, I was flabbergasted.

I couldn’t control myself, and was shouting at him for every small mistake that he committed.  He started crying, thinking that looking at his tears, I might calm down a bit. But, the tears irritated me a lot, and was scolding him to the extent possible.  Once again, started teaching him the basics of division.

Right now, he would have completed his Maths Test paper, and would be relieved of Division and its aftereffects…Here I am, waiting till evening, to reach home, and have a look at the question paper. ..