Navarathri 2012 – Best time to say “Hello World, I am back to blogging”

It has been quite sometime since I blogged. Not that I didn’t have stuff to blog on, but it was more about finding time to jot down….Life has been all the more hectic, waking up early in the morning to prepare my kids to school, running to office, get immersed in work, even after kids come back and keep on calling over phone until they get bored to do so…Rush back (Wish I could run inside my car which already moves faster!!) home and get back to all the pending work that has to be done…Hit the bed when no part of my body cooperates with my mind to work more!!

Now that Navarathri has started, it has given me more energy!! Getting dressed up for Golu visits even before going to work…Yes, I mean it!! No time, in the evening for that…Kids are having school while most of their friends are at home having holidays…

Hello World!! I missed to put it on writing many events that happened during the past few months…Planning to write more!!


Making up of this year’s Golu – “GOLU 2009”

Golu, is a South Indian Hindu festival, also known as Navarathri, or Durga Puja.  We keep the dolls in odd numbered steps arrangement.  The entire 5 step Golu was mainly arranged by his better half(best half!!) despite his hectic work schedule.  The whole of this month, he had been working late nights.  Last Friday, the day on which Navarathri started, that day too, it was 10 p.m. when he reached home.  Withstanding his tiredness, he had his dinner, and then took pains to arrange the dolls on the 5 steps.  This year, it was an all kids show.  Both Vignesh and Karthik, helped me in doing the theme for this year. The two kids, have been working for almost a fortnight. I had told them the theme was “Save our planet Earth” and said we might need to grow small plants etc.  We shopped for seeds, got, “Ulundhu, Thuvarai, Ragi, Payaru etc”, and kept them tied in a wet cloth for a day or two.  Once the seeds had sprouted, we had put them in various boxes, and by the time, Golu started, the plants have come to a decent height. Vignesh helped me in constructing fences for the park, using the ice-cream sticks that we had bought.  Karthik took responsibility of the cricket ground, wherein lot of Advertisement placards to mark the boundary of the ground, had to be made.  I am proud of both my kids.

As far as the theme goes, we had split the entire thing into three portions.  The first one was labelled Yesterday, where we had everything, fresh air to breathe, more greenery, healthy lifestyle, bullock carts, eco-friendly houses, and vehicles etc. We had kept two beautiful farms, and along with that a few houses, and other things.

The second part was today. Today has almost nothing. No water, so no grains, pollution of various kinds etc etc.  This was characterized by dying plants, heavy traffic in roads, wrong disposal of wastes and dusts.

The last part was tomorrow where we youth all would work together to have something in the environment during the future days.  This part was entirely done by my kids.  They have done various trees, built up a nice orchard with a park in the front and made fences for the entire block.

Apart from this, the kids made their father, buy them a cute cricket set of dolls, which they made a cricket ground and placed the players at appropriate places.  Karthik took the credit of making many advertisement hoardings for the cricket ground.

My husband had shot a few pictures of the Golu 2009. They can be viewed at