Nostalgic moments today!

School reopened today for Vignesh.  He is into his 8th standard.  He was wearing full pants for uniform for the first time!! My memories went back ten years….In 2002, he  joined Pre-KG at Vel’s Vidyashram.  His school opened on June 12th and I was expecting my second kid anytime then.!! In spite of elders at home opposing to my visit to his school along with Vignesh and my husband, I went to the school to see how Vignesh was!

There were 8 sections with around 40 children in each.  Parents were crying along with their tiny tots in many cases(read myself too!!) At the stroke of the bell, all parents were asked to move out of the class and each class was under the control of two teachers and two helpers!! The class lasted for less than an hour.  Most kids came out highly relieved to see their parents or other known faces.  Vignesh cried for almost the entire year!!

Today, he didn’t even bother to wave “Bye” to me while waiting for his bus to come….The moment his bus came, he jumped into it to see his schoolmates whom he had not seen during the summer holidays…

Love you my darling!! It is great to see you grow up. It has been wonderful ten years that has passed by and I am a proud mother of a young boy who is stepping into his teens!!


Plastic money – I hate you!!

I have always been a shopaholic and love to swipe my card till it cries!! Of late I feel the pinch because it is not me who is spending but my kids.  I remember those days, when I was a kid.  Shopping with parents was the rarest thing to happen and the easiest excuse from parents would be that, “Ippo avalo rooba illa. Appram paakalaam (roughly translated into, “I don’t have that much cash, we can buy that later”).

But I am not able to give the same excuse to my son.  He coolly says, “Ma, you don’t need money. Just swipe your card. That will do”.  I really hate you dear Plastic Money!


A budding business magnet!!

Last week, my kids had Children’s Day celebrations at their school.  There were many competitions like Poster making, Collage, Handwriting etc.  Karthik, in his usual style, participated with great enthusiasm and wasn’t worrying much about not getting prizes in any of them.  That evening he came home and was beaming with glow to tell me about his newly formed thought.  He couldn’t resist himself that he didn’t even bother to take off his shoes/uniform etc.  He said he has torn some 10-12 pages from his rough note book and has written a comic and drawn all relevant pictures and coloured them too!! He wanted me to take around 25 colour xerox of the same.  I asked him about the purpose and he said in a cool tone that he has planned to sell those copies to his teachers, fellow students as well as a few friends in our flat.  He had already imagined of making money through this venture, and if this succeeds, he said he wanted to write more such comics!! A budding business man he is!! I think he might emulate his dad!!

Midterm test at School today!! Night show at Inox yesterday!

Vignesh is having his mid-term exams from last week. He is a movie buff, like his father as well as their forefathers!! He was waiting to watch Surya’s diwali release movie “7m Arivu” from Diwali itself.  His dad was busy and somehow taking the kids to this movie was getting delayed.  In between, Karthik who is an ardent Vijay fan was enthralled when Vythi had booked tickets for Velayudham for all six of us (Vythi, me, Vignesh, Karthik, and Vythi’s parents) two weeks back.  After this movie, Vignesh was all the more waiting to go to Surya’s movie. Yesterday, the kids were having a great time with Vythi at home during afternoon, as I had gone out.

When I returned home, I found that Vythi had booked tickets for “7m Arivu” at Inox, for yesterday’s night show.  I screamed stating that Vignesh was having his Social Studies exam today at school and hence it wasn’t ok to go to movie the previous night!! Vythi said, Vignesh has finished reading his lessons, and also added that “Vignesh says “If I watch this long pending movie, I would be even more enthusiastic to write the test”. Enna Koduma da idhu!! நாளைக்கு பரிட்சை, இன்னிக்கு சினிமாவா! என்று மனம் குமுறினாலும் வேறு வழியில்லாமல் சென்றேன்.

My younger one’s dream at school became true, but was shortlived!!

Karthik is always known to be notorious wherever he is.  His behaviour is the same at school too!! There have been instances where not even a single week has passed by without any complaints from his class teacher or other subject teachers… From this year beginning, he has been eying on the post of CLASS-PREFECT in his class. I asked him what it was, and pat came the reply that it was the post of Class Leader.  I was trying to make him understand that the post would be given only to responsible kids.  He immediately responded saying that there had been kids who were naughty but have been in this post..

At last, this Monday, K was extremely delighted to have this post Class Prefect awarded to him.  His face was gleaming with joy…We all enjoyed that day.  I was mentally preparing him to be more responsible in class, and reduce his mischief at least for the period he held his post etc.  Tuesday morning was the most easy of all days for K to get ready for school. He  started off very well behaved and was wearing the badge, “Class Prefect” and that too with a pretty smile.  Things didn’t go smooth for him that day at school. That evening, when K returned home, his face was dull and he was almost about to burst out. He said his teacher had  took back the post as he was giggling with his friends during one of the free periods that day when no teacher was around.  What a tragedy!! I too felt bad for him and made him understand why the teacher had done so.  K might have felt bad about the day’s happenings. The next day he had been good at school and as a result, the teacher had once again made him Class Prefect.!! Hope he continues to be one for a few days at least!!

Mother’s Day 2010 – a sweet surprise

Yesterday, being the 2nd Sunday of May, was celebrated as Mother’s Day all over the world.  In my family too, we do celebrate it well.  My husband and his sister would always get their mom, something and surprise her with a gift, may be a saree, or a handbag, or something that is close to her heart.

This year, my husband, started to proceed to Nai Haa for getting his mom, a salwar kameez of her choice.  She said, in this hot summer, she would prefer salwar to saree.  Both Vignesh and Karthik, started along with him, taking money from their collection box.  I think they have a much heavier box than mine. They picked up a beautiful synthetic saree, a white one with blue and purple flowers all over the saree and gifted me.

While Vignesh, was the one who chose the colour and the saree, Karthik, was as usual in his best, when he told his dear Anna, that, “Dai, the best gift for her today, by us would be that we both shouldn’t trouble her much!!”…Aaaaaaah, what a statement!!

Kids’ summer vacation began with a trip to Uttarkhand

As with most mothers who are terrified with the announcement of summer vacation, especially with more than a kid at home, I was also, wondering what I was going to do with the duo, to beat the heat.  Luckily, when Vythi was trying to book for our long pending holiday, we got a week’s stay at Club Mahindra’s Resort at Binsar, Uttarkhand.  We had an adventurous holiday over there, and our week’s stay deserves a separate post for itself.

We are back and the kids are already missing their adventurous holidays at Binsar.  Added to that, the heat at Chennai, the shifting of their maternal grandparents’ house, and ever nagging mommy’s instructions via phone, mobile, live etc. makes them feel the heat more!!!

Hope the holidays fly away and the school reopens for the next academic year!!