“Why do we pay tax?” – a fitting reply by Karthik…

Yesterday, was another haunting Wednesday, as both Vignesh and Karthik had their cycle test on the tough subject Social Studies(History, Geography and Civics) and EVS(Science and Social Studies together) respectively.  The previous day evening, Vythi, myself and of course, the two kids, we all went for a test drive of Chevy Beat and Spark to a nearby Chevy showroom.  Although it got over around 6:30 p.m., Vythi was of the opinion that we should also go to the Maruti showroom to check on their suite of cars to suit my needs.  I strongly opposed that for the very fact that the kids had exams the next day.  But both of them were very confident that they were well prepared for their exams.  I wasn’t quite sure because, the previous night, Karthik was ready with almost 95% of his portions, whereas Vignesh was OK for around 80% of the lessons.  Of course, he was in Class VI, and had very lengthy lessons to read.  But none gave their ears to my words, and we spent another 1 to one and a half hours at ABT Guindy, and came back home at 8 p.m.  The kids had dinner, tried to revise for sometime, and went to sleep.

Yesterday evening, I was waiting anxiously for their school van to drop them at home.  To my disappointment, the van came very late and the kids got down.  The next moment, I asked them about how well they performed in their tests.  Vignesh replied that he might score above 35 out of 40.  Karthik in his usual style said, “Ma, the paper was ‘sappa easy‘, meaning way too easy for me.  I wrote everything correctly.  Only one question I am doubtful.”

I asked him which was the question that he found as tough, to which he replied “What is Tax?” .  I snubbed him, stating that we had studied it the previous night.  He replied, “Amma, I wrote that part.  There was a second part, which we haven’t studied at all.  The question was “Why do we need to pay tax?”  I too remembered that we hadn’t read anything about this in the entire lesson.  These type of thought-provoking questions are a trademark of The PSBB group of schools.

I was curious to know what Karthik had answered.  I first told him, “Hey, did you answer something to that question or did you leave that one?” He replied, “I thought for a long time and then, I wrote ” We need to pay tax to get loans later”.  The moment myself and Vythi heard that answer, we burst into laughter.

I am very proud of my son’s answer.  He is probably going to become a Financial Analyst in his future….


“Maa, Please be my classmate in Std. III” – Karthik

Karthik, unusually got up the moment he was woken up by me yesterday early morning(It is a very true statement, as the kids wake up around 5:45 a.m. every day and get ready for their school bus by 6:45 a.m.).  I wanted him to have a great week ahead and hence tried to make him feel more joyous about what school had in store for him that day.  He thought for a while about his Monday timetable, and said, “Hurray! I have two games period and a GAP(Global Awareness Programme) period”.

He loves his GAP period as his previous year class-in-charge teacher Mrs. Vasumathi Ma’m was the one who handled that subject.  She is a very lively person, and makes the class very interesting.  I said Karthik that I was really feeling envious, and loved to attend her classes along with him.

Karthik immediately replied, “OK, then you come and get your admission into Std. III in our school.  You can then sit next to me and listen to Vasumathi Madam’s class.  But the only problem is, you look like a giant especially when you are near me or any of my other classmates.  You try to become as small as I am, so that you will get your school admission very easily”.

I asked him, “How on earth can I become small Karthi?” for which he cooly replied, “Watch a few Jackie Chan series tonight and find out which magic stone is needed for becoming like a dwarf and try to get that somehow!!”

I am yet to find out that particular magic stone.

Fast approaching First Cycle Test for my kids!!

This academic year, has not yet become terrible, thanks to the 5 day holiday due to the World Tamil Conference, Kovai.  When the school reopened on June 7th 2010, the kids got their diary which said that their First Cycle Test was due on 7th July 2010, exactly one month, after the school reopened.

Till June end, both the brothers didn’t give a thought about studying for their cycle tests. When Vignesh demanded us for a new cycle, as he was sharing his cycle with his younger brother Karthik, I thought upon an idea, and told Vignesh that we will get him a new cycle provided he gets the first rank in his class in the First Cycle Test.  Karthik, has also been warned to reduce his mischievousness and concentrate on his studies.

Yesterday, when Vythi came home, after a hectic day as well as a hectic week, to start to Bangalore, the house was in pin drop silence as Karthik was doing a practice worksheet in Maths, and Vignesh was studying for his Science exam. Wow!! what a rare scene at this house!! was the response from Vythi.

Hopefully, this continues for a few days…..

இந்த நாள், அந்த வருடம் (2002, ஜூன் 18)!!!

டைட்டிலைக் கேட்டாலேச் சும்மா அதிருதில்ல!! ஏன்னா, இது எங்க வீட்டு லிட்டில் சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் பத்தியது.  1999 மார்ச்சில் இனிதே என் திருமணம் திருவாளர் வைத்தியநாதன் என்கிற சந்தருடன் நடைபெற, அதன் முக்கியப் பயனாக அந்த வருடக் கடைசியிலேயே, டிசம்பர் 7ம் நாள், என் சீமந்த புத்திரன், விக்னேஷ், பிறந்தான்.  2002ம் ஆண்டு, ஜூன் 18 அன்று, இனிய காலை வேளையில், 8:46 மணிக்கு கார்த்திக் பிறந்தான்.

முதல் குழந்தை ஆணாகிப் போனதால், இரண்டாவதாவது, ஒரு பெண்ணாக இருக்க வேண்டுமே என்று, மனதினில் ஒரே வேண்டுதல்கள்.  என் தாயார், பெரிய மகனை கவனிக்க வேண்டுமென்பதால், நானும் என் கணவரும் மட்டும் ஜூன்  16 அன்று அட்மிட் ஆனோம்.  ஜூன் 18 வரை குழந்தை என்  கருப்பையில் இதமாக, சுகமாக இருந்துவிட்டு, அழகாய் ஜூன் 18 காலை 8:46 மணிக்கு ஜனனமாகியது.

வளர்ந்து, இந்த நிலை வரை வந்த கதைகள் வேறு இடுகைகளில் இடம் பெறும்.!!

June comes and back to School, Back to School!!!

Once again, June has come, and Vignesh and Karthik are back to school.  This year, both kids, will be traveling together by School Bus to Gerugambakkam, (which is 12 kms from my house at Ashok Nagar, situated in the Porur-Kundrathur Road, approximately 2.8 kms from the Porur Junction).

The kids were happy about one thing in connection with the school.  The previous week, we went shopping, in the name of school, till our legs ached, and our purses were almost empty.  I made it a point not to use my credit card, and swipe, because, i knew, i will overdo with my shopping using the card.  More than my kids, I get attracted with the new stationery items, as well as water bottles, and snack boxes.  My elder one, Vignesh, is a real charm here.  He is a mini version of Uma.pre 1999 , as that Uma was known in her circle to be very stingy, and tight pursed.  He keeps his school bags for a minimum of three to four year period in contrast to the younger brat Karthik, who makes me buy at least two or three bags per academic year.  Vignesh’s pencil would resemble Gandhiji’s little pencil.  I think this guy would take just one pencil per year.  On the other hand, karthik would come asking for pencil, eraser, sharpener etc., on a daily basis.They got lovely water bottles endorsed by Dhoni and Yuvaraj, to show their love towards cricket.  Karthik got himself a Yuvaraj pencil box.

School reopened on 7th June 2010.  There has not been much classes yet.  The children are feeling bored, and are not happy to go to school.  I would love to have someone there who would make my kids yearn to to go to school.  Teachers!! please do something to make school interesting…

“ஏ சி ஹால் இருந்தா தான் நான் கல்யாணம் பண்ணிப்பேன்!!” – கார்த்திக்

போன வாரம், என் கணவரின் நண்பர் குஹன் என்பவரின் மகனுக்கு உபநயனம் இருந்தது.  என் குழந்தைகள் இருவரும், காலை வேளைகளில் கிரிக்கெட் க்ளாஸ் செல்வதினால், என் கணவர், உபநயன நாளின் முன் தினம் இரவே, சென்று, அச்சிறுவனை வாழ்த்திவிட்டு வரலாம் என்றார். ஜி.என். செட்டி சாலையில் உள்ள ஒரு திருமண மண்டபத்தில் விழா நடக்கவிருந்தது.  நாங்கள் அங்கு சென்று, சிறிது நேரம்  O.S. சுந்தர் அவர்களின் பஜன்ஸ் கேட்டோம்.  பின்பு கிளம்பி வருகையில், கார்த்திக் என்னிடம் மெதுவாக, “அம்மா! என் திருமணத்தை நீங்கள் எங்கு நடத்துவீர்கள்?” என்றான்.  என்னடா இது, பிள்ளைக்கு இன்னும் முளைச்சு மூணு இலை விடலை, அதுக்குள்ள கல்யாண ஆசையா?? என்று விழித்துக் கொண்டே, அவனிடம், “ஏண்டா, இப்போ அதைப் பத்தி கேக்கற?” என்றேன். உடனே அவன், “இல்ல, திடீர்னு நாம போன சில கல்யாணங்களை யோசிச்சுப் பார்த்தேன். கொஞ்ச நாள் முன்னாடி, ஒரு நிச்யதார்த்தத்திற்குப் போனோமே, யப்பா, மறக்கவே முடியாது, அங்கு நான் எவ்வளோ கஷ்டப் பட்டேன்” என்று. அதான், இப்பவே, உங்கிட்ட சொல்லிட்டா, நீ clearaa பார்க்கும் போதே, நல்ல “ஏசி ஹால்” பார்த்துட்டா, எனக்கு அந்த கவலை இருக்காது. என்றான். அவன் கவலையை நினைத்து கவலைப் படுவதா! அல்லது, அவனைப் பற்றி கவலைப் படுவதா!! என்று ஒரே குழப்பம்!!

Is it really a holiday season for my kids????

It has been a month, since the summer holidays had begun for my kids. They were just waiting for the holidays while at school, preparing for exams, and shuttling between school, other classes and home.   I was worrying as to how to engage them during the two month period.

One thing is that everyday they have to travel to their maternal grandparents’ house at Tambaram Sanatorium in the morning and later in the evening, travel back home to Kodambakkam.

Their day starts at 5:00 a.m.!!(Romba too much, to wake them up at that odd morning hours!!). But, their cricket coaching class begins at 5:50 a.m. So, we are justified to wake up at 5:00 to get ready for the class.  The class ends around 8:20 a.m. and I would be there at some random time between 8:15 and 8:45 a.m. to pick them up.  Most of the days, their breakfast would be the routine mummy-made idlis/dosas/alu parathas/sandwiches.  Karthik would be the one who rebels against home-cooked food, and somehow convince me to take them to the near by Data Udupi Hotel, at least once a week.  We then drive to Tambaram Sanatorium.

The kids reach there, take bath, go for their Hindi class. It was my idea that they should attend Hindi classes during this vacation, because Vignesh will be having a three language formula from June, when he goes for his sixth standard class, and heard that the portions are heavier.  Since, they do not know the language, I thought, he will feel at ease, at school, if he attends the Basic Hindi class during holidays.

Around 12 noon they are back from class, and have a leisurely lunch cooked by their dear Paati.  During the course of the lunch session itself, their friends nearby turn up looking out for Vignesh and Karthik.  Inspite of my father yelling at them to finish their lunch, Karthik would somehow hurriedly finish lunch and leave with friends to play cricket in the hot sun.  They play for an hour or two.

They have their evening classes either Keyboard for Vignesh or Mridangam for Karthik, followed by drawing class for both of them. This routine is on only Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, we rush back to their classes and then head towards home.  Again, back at our flat complex, they would have a different set of friends, and will continue to play for sometime.

Back home, I will be behind them until they start their routine ritual of doing Sandhyavandanam.  Karthik will play with his paternal grandfather, a series of Chinese checkers games, and Vignesh would while away his time, by having a chit-chat with his paternal grandmother or watch TV.

Dinner at 8 or 8:30 p.m. followed by Airtel Super Singer Junior Two, and a final round of eating mangoes, the kids are off to sleep around 10:00 or 10:30 p.m. so that they can wake up early the next morning!!!

Holidays are hectic than their school days!!!

Hey, forgot to mention the list of homework for my elder one, who graduates from fifth to sixth standard:

  • A booklet on UNO and its functioning
  • A mini pocket dictionary with at least 10 words for each alphabet
  • A scrap book on Aquatic Animals (A-Z)
  • A booklet on India – important cities, culture, heritage, and places of interest
  • Math Ready reckoner for area and perimeter of certain shapes
  • Multiplication tables upto 20

Vignesh, is yet to start his holiday homework.  Hope he completes at least half of what is said!!!