Karthik’s Dasavadharam

Karthik is turning 10 this June 18th.  It is hard to see that TEN full years have passed by.  With the first kid a boy, I was expecting a girl inside by tummy during 2002 June.  But Vythi’s close friend was sure that it is going to be Lord Muruga who will be born, because without him, we weren’t a complete Shiva family(Vythianathan – Lord Siva, Uma – Parvathy, and elder son, Vignesh – Lord Ganesha)!! So, Karthik, who was expected by me as Kirthiga, happily came into this world on June 18th 2002.

Karthik, as his name suggests Lord Muruga, should have six different faces.  But my Karthik has more!! May be it gets difficult to count as he keeps growing…

Let me try to highlight the TEN AVATARS of my cute little Karthik:

  • EEE (Ever Energetic Extrovert) In the past ten years, I have never seen Karthik awake without doing anything. Right from the moment he gets up until he hits the bed, he cannot remain idle even for a second.
  • A Shane Warne in his cricket class: Karthik had been going for Cricket coaching class for the past three years..Initially, he used to switch between fast bowling and leg spin bowling. Finally, his coach said that he can practice to become a leg spin bowler as he was better in that.  His bowling style had impressed his coach who now calls him as “Shane Karthik” comparing him with the legendary Shane Warne.
  • Notorious Karthik in School: This avatar requires a separate series of posts to describe every event that made me and my better half to stand in front of Karthik’s teacher/school principal on several occasions for various reasons…To highlight one, while in UKG, Karthik’s class teacher had gone out of the class for a few minutes during the first period of the day.  He immediately formed a gang, and started singing and dancing to a popular Vijay song at that time, “Pokkiri Pongal”. The kids refused to go their places even when the teacher had returned.  The class teacher complained to the principal. And she rang me to come and meet her immediately.  I had just left the two kids at school and reached office when the call came.  I had to rush back to school to meet the authorities…Till date, not even a single year has passed by without any complaints at school!!
  • A enthusiastic dancer: He loves dancing…Waits for stage and wherever he finds one, we can see him dancing to any tune that his played.
  • Mridangam player: As a kid, he was over energetic and his Pre-school teacher advised us to put him into something which might drain some good amount of his energy.  Being a music lover, I thought I will make him attend Mridangam classes. At 3, he was the youngest in his group to play Mridangam…He has got it into his heart and soul that his hands involuntarily keeps playing upon his body some musical note or the other!!
  • A decent swimmer: Although, we have a swimming pool in our apartment, we never taught the kids formal swimming. Vythi was initially with the kids for a few days until they came out of the fear towards water. But Karthik grabbed every opportunity in the pool, made friends with elders around and mastered the art of swimming in various styles.  His everyday activity this summer holidays, has been swimming for hours together with his friends.
  • Art/Book lover: He loves art and craft work – does them with great passion….Loves to read a lot…(may be taken after me!!)
  • Beautiful Brother: The two boys fight with each other quite often, but cannot be without one another’s company! Whenever Vignesh goes out somewhere and is not seen for a few minutes, Karthik would get tensed and keep on nagging me about Vignesh, until he sees his brother coming towards us!
  • Great friend: He is a guy who can win friends easily.  He is the most wanted kid in our apartment.  Be it a small five year old girl who lives opposite our house or a fifteen year old boy calling to play cricket, he has friends in many age groups and adjusts himself according to the group he is in.
  • a Loving son: What else do, we as parents need?? He is always concerned, loving and at the same time pestering to play this or that or buy some stuff or the other. He is IRRESISTABLE!!

Would love to see many more avatars of my cute little darling!!


A budding business magnet!!

Last week, my kids had Children’s Day celebrations at their school.  There were many competitions like Poster making, Collage, Handwriting etc.  Karthik, in his usual style, participated with great enthusiasm and wasn’t worrying much about not getting prizes in any of them.  That evening he came home and was beaming with glow to tell me about his newly formed thought.  He couldn’t resist himself that he didn’t even bother to take off his shoes/uniform etc.  He said he has torn some 10-12 pages from his rough note book and has written a comic and drawn all relevant pictures and coloured them too!! He wanted me to take around 25 colour xerox of the same.  I asked him about the purpose and he said in a cool tone that he has planned to sell those copies to his teachers, fellow students as well as a few friends in our flat.  He had already imagined of making money through this venture, and if this succeeds, he said he wanted to write more such comics!! A budding business man he is!! I think he might emulate his dad!!

Kiddo talks!!

It has been a long time since I found time to write about my kids’ and their enjoyable talks.  Recently happened to hear a few:

Karthik:  My younger one Karthik, has now got a regular habit of grazing through the newspaper, daily morning, once he is back from his regular cricket class.  Last week, newspapers were carrying the front page news of Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s flight missing, and the possibility of his being kidnapped due to political reasons.  Suddenly Karthik came to the kitchen where I was engrossed in my own work and thoughts.  He interrupted and asked me in a serious tone, “Amma, can elders too be kidnapped?”  I replied, “Why not?” .  He instantly told me that “I am thinking the word kidnap came because it could be thought of as something related to ‘kid’ and hence only kids would be abducted or taken away from their parents.  I never knew big people too can be kidnapped!! ” In spite of my hectic work, I enjoyed his thought on kidnap…

Vignesh:  He has been roaming with me, ever since our plans to buy a new flat materialised.  He used to come to say suggestions to the site engineer, to the bank for loan application purposes etc etc.  Last Saturday, my husband and myself were discussing about some existing loan to be closed and how to go about the same.  We were discussing what could be our immediate difficulties etc.  Vignesh suddenly enquired as to what does it mean when we say the loan is to be closed.  Something in his facial expression made me ask, “What do you think that phrase could mean Vignesh?”  He replied, “I think, if we go and plead with the bank, that we are under great difficulty and are not able to repay, the bank would then automatically close the loan.  Is that the way, Amma?”.  I replied, “It isn’t that easy as you think my child!”

Kids have their own way of interpreting things or phrases.!!

“I am a BIG Boy!!” says my elder one, Vignesh!

Yesterday was Vignesh’s 11th birthday.  Every year, for both our kids, we used to host small b’day parties, inviting all their friends in our apartment as well as kids of our family friends.  This year, yesterday being his birthday, we thought we will finish our shopping for Vignesh as well as for the birthday party on Sunday.  When we asked Vignesh about the party arrangements, and ordering for cake etc., he said, “Appa, I am not still a small kid, to celebrate my birthday with cake cutting etc.  I think I have grown up and would stop such celebrations from this year onwards!”.  More than me and my husband, Karthik and his Paati were upset on hearing his words.  Paati and Karthik loves to party. Especially Karthik would feel at his best when he is left to be himself, and is among his friends playing and running around.  Karthik even tried pacifying his elder brother saying that, “Dai Anna, I’ll do all the preliminary work, like calling out friends, helping Amma and Appa arrange for the party etc.  Please daa, we’ll celebrate daa…”  Nothing went into the elder one’s ears and he was stubborn on his decision.  Thus, went Vignesh’s birthday without much celebrations….Anyways, Happy birthday my dear son, Vignesh, We are proud to hear that your are growing up…

Karthik and Division(Maths) – Not at all Made for each other!!

Today is Karthik’s Cycle test, and the subject is Maths.  It is one of his favourite subject and I always feel great,  as I don’t need to be behind him, telling “Padidaa, padidaa, etc etc.”  But, just during Oct. mid, his maths teacher has started on Division concepts, and now he has three digit dividends with single digit divisors.  It has always been a cakewalk for Karthik as far as Maths is concerned, but Division seems to be a NIGHTMARE!!

Being a Maths teacher, I was more concerned in making him understand the concept, and sat with him many times.  Vythi too, kept his cool, and taught him various variations, so that he get the idea well.  But, when I kept a mock test yesterday evening, I was flabbergasted.

I couldn’t control myself, and was shouting at him for every small mistake that he committed.  He started crying, thinking that looking at his tears, I might calm down a bit. But, the tears irritated me a lot, and was scolding him to the extent possible.  Once again, started teaching him the basics of division.

Right now, he would have completed his Maths Test paper, and would be relieved of Division and its aftereffects…Here I am, waiting till evening, to reach home, and have a look at the question paper. ..


Karthik’s body building activities

Karthik has always been carried away by these WWE men.  He used to be envious of how strong their bodies were, and always get fascinated whenever, somebody sports their well built body.  Recently, he had some conversation with his friends and found that lifting weights would help him to get biceps etc.

Yesterday evening, I was busy in the kitchen preparing food for dinner.  My elder one, Vignesh came to me laughingly and said, “Amma, please go to our bedroom, and look at what your younger brat is doing!! He looks funny and doing something crazy.”  I wondered what he could be doing, and went to the bedroom.

OMG! I was seeing Karthik lifting Vignesh’s Yamaha keyboard as if he was lifting some weights.  When I enquired why he was doing such things, he cooly replied, “Maa, I want to build up my body.  You are not enrolling me into any Gym.  I thought I will build up my body by using whatever heavier things that we have in our room.”

I wonder what next he will plan to lift.  நல்ல வேளை, நான் அவன் தூக்கக் கூடிய அளவில் இல்லை.  (அதற்கும் மேலாக உள்ளேன். நான் என்ன ஐஸ்வர்யா ராயா?, 50 kg தாஜ் மஹாலாய் இருக்க!!!)

Is there a GAP period in your child’s school?

Of late, I don’t have to keep Karthik nagging during the early morning times, when he has to get ready for school.  Earlier, it used to be so tough for both Mom and son, as he would be such a nuisance kid, right from the moment he wakes up(rather woken up) at 5:50 a.m. till the moment he boards the school bus, around 6:50 – 7:00 a.m.  I have to be behind him, telling, “Karthik, brush your teeth”, “Karthik, have your milk”, “Hey Karthik, don’t lie down, you will sleep off”, “Do some physical exercise” and the like.

Nowadays, he takes a book, the moment he comes out brushing….Aahaa, I was extremely excited, seeing that.  I have been an avid reader of books, and have read several books, without food and sleep during my school and college days.  Wanting to instill the reading habit in my kids, I have bought them a lot of books right from their very young age, but haven’t been successful earlier.  Only after enrolling ourselves in a nearby lending library, I have stood as a living example to my kids, by reading record number of books in a week/month.  Just to compete with me, they too started reading Enid Blyton’s series, and now they have started loving books.

But Karthik’s GAP book, has been quite a hit at home.  He always asks people at home, some general knowledge question or the other, and shares whatever he knows about that topic.  I was very happy to note that change and asked him what were these books.  He said, they have a period called GAP (Global Awareness Programme) once every week, and they receive one book per month, which they read and discuss that whole month. Since the books are released monthly, they have the latest facts and figures.


The above is the link which I googled and found about the programme.  I could understand that this programme enhances the global awareness levels of the students.

I really long to be a school child once again….