Monopoly – Credit card version?? Heard of it!!

Hope we all might have played Monopoly aka Business during our childhood days.  We used to wait for our summer vacation for playing all the group games.  Afternoons would be indoor games like Monopoly, Dice, Ludo etc etc., while our evenings would be mostly Outdoor games.  My brother and our cousins would not like most of the cities listed in a typical Business Board Game and hence would design their own board with their choice of cities.  We girls would be asked to stick the rupee notes onto a small thick card board, so that the life of the rupee gets enhanced.  I remember learning lots of calculations as well as making strategic moves by playing with those fancy dummy rupees and building houses etc etc.  But the world of monopoly has changed today!! I learned from my younger one Karthik.

Last month, when my kids’ school was about to close for summer, the kids were allowed to bring Board games from home and play in the classroom.  It was on one such occasion that Karthik has the Credit Card Version of the game Monopoly.  Here, we no longer need money to do transactions with each other player or with the bank.  Instead, each player is given a Credit Card and there is a swiping machine too!  He says it was fun playing the game and especially when having a chance to swipe their cards, they felt as if there were grown-ups!

I got caught by Karthik today morning when I gave him a blank promise to do some work.  The next moment he completed his work and calmly asked me to get the Monopoly – Credit card version when I am back from work today!! Imagine small kids, below 10 years all playing with credit cards and such similar stuff!! Our kids belong to a totally different world!


Plastic money – I hate you!!

I have always been a shopaholic and love to swipe my card till it cries!! Of late I feel the pinch because it is not me who is spending but my kids.  I remember those days, when I was a kid.  Shopping with parents was the rarest thing to happen and the easiest excuse from parents would be that, “Ippo avalo rooba illa. Appram paakalaam (roughly translated into, “I don’t have that much cash, we can buy that later”).

But I am not able to give the same excuse to my son.  He coolly says, “Ma, you don’t need money. Just swipe your card. That will do”.  I really hate you dear Plastic Money!