We haven’t been apart for such a long time dear!! Waiting for you to come

It has been really, really a long time, since Chandar(officially Vythi, my better half) and me have been apart.  It was way back in January, when he had gone to Bangalore,  immediately after we all, as a family had been to Bangalore to attend my cousin Suresh’s wedding.  After that, we had our own sweet time together, ((although, in between we might have had a few rough times, that lasted a few moments only) for the whole of February.  Then, it was March, and we had our wedding day, which brought us even more memories of our initial meetings, and the immediate days/months after wedding.  We relived those moments.  Suddenly, two days before our wedding day, Vythi told me that he might need to go to Hosur, on an official visit, and he is trying to postpone it, so that he will be there with us, on Friday, 5th March 2010, our wedding anniversary, and then push off to Hosur on Sunday.  As planned, he left to Bangalore, on Sunday, stating that it might be minimum Wednesday, max. Friday for him to return.

I was very much hopeful that, Vythi would make to Chennai by today morning, as he will definitely finish his work, to come back to home, sweet home!! But, alas, to my utter disappointment, he just called a few minutes back, and told that he can come only on Friday morning.

It is really tough to be without somebody, whom you get used to being with, even it is for a day or night. Longing to have you, Vythi,  at Chennai, near me…Please come soon.