Tough to drive during rain in Chennai roads

It has been raining continuously for almost more than a week and the streets are waterlogged.  I used to love rains as a child or even as a young girl but not now.  First reason, it would be mostly accompanied by kids getting cold/cough/fever etc etc and the several doctor-visits that might follow.  But the major reason, that I fear rain is while driving my car.  When it rains, the surroundings become so dark that it resembles a late evening environment.  Roads are filled up with water, especially a few stretches like Kathipara – Olympia Tech Park – Hilton Hotel.  Water gushes out as if some river or lake is overflowing and you feel scared that the water might enter into your car.  My earlier car, a Maruti 800, once was filled with water till my knee level or more.  The thoughts of that one event makes me shiver with fear!!Every bus that passes on my side, would make my car shake this side and that side.  I start praying all known and unknown Gods to get out of those places and feel relieved when I park my car at my home.

Today morning, when I started to work, the climate was pleasant sans rains.  A few minutes down the road, a heavy downpour started and many were clueless as the rains severed. I couldn’t hear anything except the splashes of rain drops. Heavy rains, heavy traffic made my life miserable.  I was encouraging myself to drive fast to work.  Suddenly, an Innova car that came on the opposite side sped past me splashing water.  For a moment, I couldn’t see anything in front of me.  And the worst part was that, it was a low lying bridge upon the Adyar river, which made me even more nervous.  I was just waiting for these few moments to pass by and thankfully, here I am sitting on a cosy chair at my workplace typing this post.  Happy am I to have reached safely to work today amidst rains.


The joy of being a teacher!

Right from my childhood, I’ve always dreamt of becoming a teacher by profession. I’ve always had the feeling that moving around with young brains always makes me feel young too. I could even relate my younger kid Karthik being more active when compared to my calm elder one Vignesh, to the fact that I was working at SRM Engineering College for the entire term I was pregnant. I used to always be among the cheerful students and that had a very positive impact on the baby inside me too! Coming to the point of writing this particular blog is that, during the past one week, I suddenly came across three or four students to whom I’ve taken classes at SRM almost some 8 to 10 years back. The other day, after having a tough time to go all the way upto Maduranthagam(around 130 kms up and down from Chennai) for a wedding, me and two of my friends were dining at Vasantha Bhavan, Tambaram. A guy was glaring at me for quite some time, and suddenly he came and wished me and started talking fluently about those days at SRM where I had taken him First Year Maths classes. I was very happy to meet and was quite moved too, when he spoke about those days at college. Two days later, something similar happened while I was traveling by train to Tambaram. I met a girl who did B.Arch at SRM. Generally, teaching Maths to Architecture students had always been a nightmare as they were mostly weak in that subject. This particular batch I took it as a challenge to bring them up and had done innumerable extra classes. This girl called Ramya Moorthy started talking about those days, where even their lunch period was not spared by me. But the hard work that we all had put then paid us all very well, and that batch was one of the best batches to have very good results in Maths. It had been very heartening to meet my old students…I love my profession!!

We haven’t been apart for such a long time dear!! Waiting for you to come

It has been really, really a long time, since Chandar(officially Vythi, my better half) and me have been apart.  It was way back in January, when he had gone to Bangalore,  immediately after we all, as a family had been to Bangalore to attend my cousin Suresh’s wedding.  After that, we had our own sweet time together, ((although, in between we might have had a few rough times, that lasted a few moments only) for the whole of February.  Then, it was March, and we had our wedding day, which brought us even more memories of our initial meetings, and the immediate days/months after wedding.  We relived those moments.  Suddenly, two days before our wedding day, Vythi told me that he might need to go to Hosur, on an official visit, and he is trying to postpone it, so that he will be there with us, on Friday, 5th March 2010, our wedding anniversary, and then push off to Hosur on Sunday.  As planned, he left to Bangalore, on Sunday, stating that it might be minimum Wednesday, max. Friday for him to return.

I was very much hopeful that, Vythi would make to Chennai by today morning, as he will definitely finish his work, to come back to home, sweet home!! But, alas, to my utter disappointment, he just called a few minutes back, and told that he can come only on Friday morning.

It is really tough to be without somebody, whom you get used to being with, even it is for a day or night. Longing to have you, Vythi,  at Chennai, near me…Please come soon.