Navarathri 2012 – Best time to say “Hello World, I am back to blogging”

It has been quite sometime since I blogged. Not that I didn’t have stuff to blog on, but it was more about finding time to jot down….Life has been all the more hectic, waking up early in the morning to prepare my kids to school, running to office, get immersed in work, even after kids come back and keep on calling over phone until they get bored to do so…Rush back (Wish I could run inside my car which already moves faster!!) home and get back to all the pending work that has to be done…Hit the bed when no part of my body cooperates with my mind to work more!!

Now that Navarathri has started, it has given me more energy!! Getting dressed up for Golu visits even before going to work…Yes, I mean it!! No time, in the evening for that…Kids are having school while most of their friends are at home having holidays…

Hello World!! I missed to put it on writing many events that happened during the past few months…Planning to write more!!