Midterm test at School today!! Night show at Inox yesterday!

Vignesh is having his mid-term exams from last week. He is a movie buff, like his father as well as their forefathers!! He was waiting to watch Surya’s diwali release movie “7m Arivu” from Diwali itself.  His dad was busy and somehow taking the kids to this movie was getting delayed.  In between, Karthik who is an ardent Vijay fan was enthralled when Vythi had booked tickets for Velayudham for all six of us (Vythi, me, Vignesh, Karthik, and Vythi’s parents) two weeks back.  After this movie, Vignesh was all the more waiting to go to Surya’s movie. Yesterday, the kids were having a great time with Vythi at home during afternoon, as I had gone out.

When I returned home, I found that Vythi had booked tickets for “7m Arivu” at Inox, for yesterday’s night show.  I screamed stating that Vignesh was having his Social Studies exam today at school and hence it wasn’t ok to go to movie the previous night!! Vythi said, Vignesh has finished reading his lessons, and also added that “Vignesh says “If I watch this long pending movie, I would be even more enthusiastic to write the test”. Enna Koduma da idhu!! நாளைக்கு பரிட்சை, இன்னிக்கு சினிமாவா! என்று மனம் குமுறினாலும் வேறு வழியில்லாமல் சென்றேன்.


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