Tough to drive during rain in Chennai roads

It has been raining continuously for almost more than a week and the streets are waterlogged.  I used to love rains as a child or even as a young girl but not now.  First reason, it would be mostly accompanied by kids getting cold/cough/fever etc etc and the several doctor-visits that might follow.  But the major reason, that I fear rain is while driving my car.  When it rains, the surroundings become so dark that it resembles a late evening environment.  Roads are filled up with water, especially a few stretches like Kathipara – Olympia Tech Park – Hilton Hotel.  Water gushes out as if some river or lake is overflowing and you feel scared that the water might enter into your car.  My earlier car, a Maruti 800, once was filled with water till my knee level or more.  The thoughts of that one event makes me shiver with fear!!Every bus that passes on my side, would make my car shake this side and that side.  I start praying all known and unknown Gods to get out of those places and feel relieved when I park my car at my home.

Today morning, when I started to work, the climate was pleasant sans rains.  A few minutes down the road, a heavy downpour started and many were clueless as the rains severed. I couldn’t hear anything except the splashes of rain drops. Heavy rains, heavy traffic made my life miserable.  I was encouraging myself to drive fast to work.  Suddenly, an Innova car that came on the opposite side sped past me splashing water.  For a moment, I couldn’t see anything in front of me.  And the worst part was that, it was a low lying bridge upon the Adyar river, which made me even more nervous.  I was just waiting for these few moments to pass by and thankfully, here I am sitting on a cosy chair at my workplace typing this post.  Happy am I to have reached safely to work today amidst rains.


One comment on “Tough to drive during rain in Chennai roads

  1. travelingmad says:

    I am happy you reached your destination safely as well! I have heard about these rains and will enter through Chennai when I visit India later this year.
    I am both excited and terrified!

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