My younger one’s dream at school became true, but was shortlived!!

Karthik is always known to be notorious wherever he is.  His behaviour is the same at school too!! There have been instances where not even a single week has passed by without any complaints from his class teacher or other subject teachers… From this year beginning, he has been eying on the post of CLASS-PREFECT in his class. I asked him what it was, and pat came the reply that it was the post of Class Leader.  I was trying to make him understand that the post would be given only to responsible kids.  He immediately responded saying that there had been kids who were naughty but have been in this post..

At last, this Monday, K was extremely delighted to have this post Class Prefect awarded to him.  His face was gleaming with joy…We all enjoyed that day.  I was mentally preparing him to be more responsible in class, and reduce his mischief at least for the period he held his post etc.  Tuesday morning was the most easy of all days for K to get ready for school. He  started off very well behaved and was wearing the badge, “Class Prefect” and that too with a pretty smile.  Things didn’t go smooth for him that day at school. That evening, when K returned home, his face was dull and he was almost about to burst out. He said his teacher had  took back the post as he was giggling with his friends during one of the free periods that day when no teacher was around.  What a tragedy!! I too felt bad for him and made him understand why the teacher had done so.  K might have felt bad about the day’s happenings. The next day he had been good at school and as a result, the teacher had once again made him Class Prefect.!! Hope he continues to be one for a few days at least!!


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