My cute little car has completed 10,000kms

Hurray!! It is not even 10 months since I got a Maruti A-star, silver gray colour…And it has covered 10,000 kms and the best part is that it has been 99.99% of the time, me behind the wheels…

Loved every bit of it, my dearest companion A-star!! I know recall those days the same time last year, when I hadn’t even made up my mind as to which car would be my next car after driving the entry level Maruti 800.  We had got my Maruti 800 in September 2005 and it was already 5 years old, and had driven more than 80,000 kms.

I had a few cars in mind like Chevy Beat, VW Polo, Ford Figo etc. Went for a test drive of Beat.  Suddenly my husband said, why not we check with the latest cars from Maruti like Ritz or the New Wagon R etc.  I half-heartedly agreed to it and went to our regular Maruti dealer ABT Maruti Guindy.  There was a bright Sunlight Orange A-star car in the demo section. I loved the first look of it and started reading reviews about the car.  On the day of test drive, it was a full packed car, as I was behind the wheels, the sales person seated next to me, and my husband, Vythi and our two kids were at the back.  I never drive the car when my husband is next to me or inside the car that I drive.. That nervousness killed me to the core, and I found it extremely difficult to drive the A-star in spite of the fact that it was a more sophisticated car when compared to the one that I owned.

I had a big frown in my face and wasn’t even sure whether I should go for A-star.  Vythi was clear that I wasn’t able to drive peacefully in his presence and hence asked me to test drive all by myself.  That really made a difference!! I loved the feel of the car, its interiors, the super good dashboard and to top them all, the big smily in the front of the car…I fell in love with the car and we decided to go for it.

It was on August 27th 2010, we got our car and till date, it has been my favourite companion.  I’ve driven through most of the roads in Chennai and its suburbs.  Five stars to you my dear A-star!!


My cute little A-star


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