Kiddo talks!!

It has been a long time since I found time to write about my kids’ and their enjoyable talks.  Recently happened to hear a few:

Karthik:  My younger one Karthik, has now got a regular habit of grazing through the newspaper, daily morning, once he is back from his regular cricket class.  Last week, newspapers were carrying the front page news of Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister’s flight missing, and the possibility of his being kidnapped due to political reasons.  Suddenly Karthik came to the kitchen where I was engrossed in my own work and thoughts.  He interrupted and asked me in a serious tone, “Amma, can elders too be kidnapped?”  I replied, “Why not?” .  He instantly told me that “I am thinking the word kidnap came because it could be thought of as something related to ‘kid’ and hence only kids would be abducted or taken away from their parents.  I never knew big people too can be kidnapped!! ” In spite of my hectic work, I enjoyed his thought on kidnap…

Vignesh:  He has been roaming with me, ever since our plans to buy a new flat materialised.  He used to come to say suggestions to the site engineer, to the bank for loan application purposes etc etc.  Last Saturday, my husband and myself were discussing about some existing loan to be closed and how to go about the same.  We were discussing what could be our immediate difficulties etc.  Vignesh suddenly enquired as to what does it mean when we say the loan is to be closed.  Something in his facial expression made me ask, “What do you think that phrase could mean Vignesh?”  He replied, “I think, if we go and plead with the bank, that we are under great difficulty and are not able to repay, the bank would then automatically close the loan.  Is that the way, Amma?”.  I replied, “It isn’t that easy as you think my child!”

Kids have their own way of interpreting things or phrases.!!


கல்யாணம் பண்ணிப் பார்! வீட்டைக் கட்டிப் பார்!

இதில் முதலாமானதை செய்து பார்க்க, எனக்கு இன்னும் வயதும் ஆகவில்லை. ஒரு பெண் குழந்தையும் இல்லை. முதல் வீடு வாங்கும் போது, எனக்கும் என் வீட்டுக்காரருக்கும் பெரிசா ஒண்ணும் தெரியல! இப்போ கூட ரொம்ப தெரியாட்டாலும், தெரிஞ்ச விஷயங்களோடயே, கடந்த சில மாதங்களாக வீடு தேடும் முயற்சியில் இறங்கி ஒரு வழியாக ஒரு ப்ளாட் போரூர் பஞ்சாயத் அலுவலகம் அருகே அமைந்துள்ளது.

அதற்கான அலைச்சல் அலைந்த பிறகு இப்போ தெரிகிறது அந்த காலத்தில் ஏன் இப்படி ஒரு பழமொழியை வைத்தார்கள் என்று!!

பி.கு. கட்டின வீட்டை வாங்கவே இப்படி அலுத்துக்கறேன்னா, நானே கட்டுவதென்றால்!!