SpellBee Contest and Vignesh

I have never been a Mom who keeps on nagging the kids to study.  My parents have never been so, and I guess, I follow their footsteps.  Of late, my elder one Vignesh, has never sat down to study, because he had not had any tests for the past two months.  They are having the final Cycle test in March, he says that he need not study till then.

Suddenly, two weeks ago, he said, there was a Spelling Bee competition within his class, and he had cleared the first level.  He wanted money for registering for the School Level Competition.  I have always been sad that he is not the kind of kid, who jumps at every competition that he comes across.  He asked for money, when we were standing in front of our apartments at 6:45 in the morning waiting for the school bus to come.  I was annoyed and said that he can forego the competition as he didn’t remember to ask us for money the previous night itself.  It was his day, and the bus was nowhere to be seen.  He immediatley ran upstairs, and brought money from his kiddie bank. He cleared the school leve too, and got selected for the District level competition.

The district level competition took place  yesterday at D.A.V. School, Velachery.  He cleared a few rounds, but still couldn’t make it to the next level, the State Level.  It was a lesson for him, to work hard.  It was also a lesson for me, as a parent.  I could see many anxious parents who were making the child study till the nth minute, a few who didn’t want to hear that their child didn’t excel and the like.  I could see the sad faces of the kids who didn’t make it to the next level.  I do not want my child to be pressurized by such events.  Winning and losing doesn’t matter, it is just the participation that matters!


3 comments on “SpellBee Contest and Vignesh

  1. Vidya says:

    Good that he participated and made it to the Districts. Clap clap! Most parents coming to pick up the children from school or contest venues look like the ones on reality shows – ready to lecture and cry!

  2. Bindu says:

    I like the blog for its simplicity. You are a good mother with the right attitude. And your kids are lucky..:)
    At the result declarations when I see mothers bargain even for half a mark, I feel sorry for kids who come to think that their future dangles on that half mark! It is better to leave them on their own, with the parents just monitoring what they are up to.

  3. umaspeaksout says:

    Rightly said Vidya and Bindu! Thanks to my parents, I too have never felt any pressure to do things that I didn’t want to.

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