“I am a BIG Boy!!” says my elder one, Vignesh!

Yesterday was Vignesh’s 11th birthday.  Every year, for both our kids, we used to host small b’day parties, inviting all their friends in our apartment as well as kids of our family friends.  This year, yesterday being his birthday, we thought we will finish our shopping for Vignesh as well as for the birthday party on Sunday.  When we asked Vignesh about the party arrangements, and ordering for cake etc., he said, “Appa, I am not still a small kid, to celebrate my birthday with cake cutting etc.  I think I have grown up and would stop such celebrations from this year onwards!”.  More than me and my husband, Karthik and his Paati were upset on hearing his words.  Paati and Karthik loves to party. Especially Karthik would feel at his best when he is left to be himself, and is among his friends playing and running around.  Karthik even tried pacifying his elder brother saying that, “Dai Anna, I’ll do all the preliminary work, like calling out friends, helping Amma and Appa arrange for the party etc.  Please daa, we’ll celebrate daa…”  Nothing went into the elder one’s ears and he was stubborn on his decision.  Thus, went Vignesh’s birthday without much celebrations….Anyways, Happy birthday my dear son, Vignesh, We are proud to hear that your are growing up…


Dreaming about a musical December

November, went by even before I realised it was.  First week could be attributed to Diwali.  The post diwali week and the next saw me in deep troubles in my health related stuff, and was not anywhere to be seen in the ocean of the web.

The thought of December itself came to be as  soft as a  soothing breeze.  It marks the month, I was blessed with motherhood for the first time, and my cute little Vignesh came into this world, on Dec. 7th, which I loved as it was the Flag day in India.

December and Chennai together boasts of the famous Music Festival. Many decades have gone by, and lots of new sabhas have sprung up, new artistes, seasoned artistes, canteens at these sabhas with mouth-watering delicacies, non-stop chattering Mami’s with their silk sarees and diamond earrings….are something which Chennai alone can boast of…

I had been a part of the regular concert goer group until my wedding.  For the past two or three years, I have been thinking that I should hear at least a dozen or so kutcheris, but in vain.

Dreaming for a musical December, hoping to hear scintillating Sudha Raghunathan or soulful Bombay Jayshree or the purist Sanjay Subramanian or vibrant Sowmya or Unnikrishnan, or whoever I am able to make it….

Would love to sit through a few concerts, without thinking about family, kitchen, work or anything else that would take me away from the world of music…Will write more as and when I go to concerts…