School educational tour costs Rs. 46,500 / Rs. 80,000???

Educational trips during school days have always been memorable, as it has “Nothing Official!!” about it, other than the fact that the teachers accompany the students. Otherwise, the students enjoy their day to the core, and have their memorable moments.  As far as I remember, I have often gone to Mahabalipuram, Crocodile Park or Vandalur Zoo umpteen number of times, in the name of School trip.  During our 11th standard alone, I remember going to Kodaikanal and my juniors then, couldn’t digest that at all.

I have been thinking that things haven’t changed much, as both my kids, regularly go to Dakshin Chitra, the same old Vandalur Zoo, Birla Planetarium or the Musuem as part of their educational trip.  To my surprise, this academic year,  one of my  good friend’s son, studying in Class V,  was heading towards Kodaikanal on a 4 day educational trip.  When I said this to Vignesh, he was so upset that his school doesn’t come up with such places, and instead going to some local place or the other which they all have already visited.

Hey, one fine evening, that too, a Friday evening, a circular was uploaded on their school website regarding Educational Tours 2010-11. Hurray!! was the buzz word among the students.. The circular read that the students from Classes VI to VIII will be taken to a 5 day trip to Singapore costing Rs. 46,500/- and Classes IX – XI will be taken to China on a five day trip for a cost of Rs. 80,000/- I think many parents might have got hot, and irritated.  The children, most of whom have not had taken the word “NO” throughout their life so far, couldn’t digest the fact that their parents are not granting permission for them to go along with their pals on this rare trip. Fortunately or unfortunately, as there were very less registrations, this idea was dropped and now the school has come down a little and announced their next proposal.

The revised proposal is that Class VI to VIII will go on a trip to Jaipur and its surroundings via air, and stay in 4-star hotel, while the students of Classes IX – XI will go to Jodhpur. The costs were between 16,500 to 18,000/-

Even this, is something which haven’t been heard of, at least for me.  Thank god, my son himself, was not convinced with the cost, and was not in a mood to ask me permission.  But, I get calls from other parents, whose children have started nagging them to send them to these trips.

I don’t think they need to spend so high for such educational trips.  They can very well go to near by places, may be villages and show these city bred kids, as to what is nature, what is farming, what is life at the village, how do their counterparts at village study/play etc etc.  May be, someone from my kids’ school read this blog and revisit their decision to go far north, and instead go to a small town/village nearby Chennai…


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