Is there a GAP period in your child’s school?

Of late, I don’t have to keep Karthik nagging during the early morning times, when he has to get ready for school.  Earlier, it used to be so tough for both Mom and son, as he would be such a nuisance kid, right from the moment he wakes up(rather woken up) at 5:50 a.m. till the moment he boards the school bus, around 6:50 – 7:00 a.m.  I have to be behind him, telling, “Karthik, brush your teeth”, “Karthik, have your milk”, “Hey Karthik, don’t lie down, you will sleep off”, “Do some physical exercise” and the like.

Nowadays, he takes a book, the moment he comes out brushing….Aahaa, I was extremely excited, seeing that.  I have been an avid reader of books, and have read several books, without food and sleep during my school and college days.  Wanting to instill the reading habit in my kids, I have bought them a lot of books right from their very young age, but haven’t been successful earlier.  Only after enrolling ourselves in a nearby lending library, I have stood as a living example to my kids, by reading record number of books in a week/month.  Just to compete with me, they too started reading Enid Blyton’s series, and now they have started loving books.

But Karthik’s GAP book, has been quite a hit at home.  He always asks people at home, some general knowledge question or the other, and shares whatever he knows about that topic.  I was very happy to note that change and asked him what were these books.  He said, they have a period called GAP (Global Awareness Programme) once every week, and they receive one book per month, which they read and discuss that whole month. Since the books are released monthly, they have the latest facts and figures.

The above is the link which I googled and found about the programme.  I could understand that this programme enhances the global awareness levels of the students.

I really long to be a school child once again….


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