Karthik’s body building activities

Karthik has always been carried away by these WWE men.  He used to be envious of how strong their bodies were, and always get fascinated whenever, somebody sports their well built body.  Recently, he had some conversation with his friends and found that lifting weights would help him to get biceps etc.

Yesterday evening, I was busy in the kitchen preparing food for dinner.  My elder one, Vignesh came to me laughingly and said, “Amma, please go to our bedroom, and look at what your younger brat is doing!! He looks funny and doing something crazy.”  I wondered what he could be doing, and went to the bedroom.

OMG! I was seeing Karthik lifting Vignesh’s Yamaha keyboard as if he was lifting some weights.  When I enquired why he was doing such things, he cooly replied, “Maa, I want to build up my body.  You are not enrolling me into any Gym.  I thought I will build up my body by using whatever heavier things that we have in our room.”

I wonder what next he will plan to lift.  நல்ல வேளை, நான் அவன் தூக்கக் கூடிய அளவில் இல்லை.  (அதற்கும் மேலாக உள்ளேன். நான் என்ன ஐஸ்வர்யா ராயா?, 50 kg தாஜ் மஹாலாய் இருக்க!!!)


When will these stereotyped schools and teachers change??

Last Saturday was the first Parent Teachers Meeting for both my kids, for this academic year.  Usually my DH does not find time to come with us for these meetings.  I’ll go along with the kids, meet the teachers, get the report cards, with added spices from teachers about my kids’ behaviour at class.

This time, it was both Karthik and myself, who were in our own thoughts, as to what his teachers might comment about him.  As you might have already known from my writings, Karthik is a very hyperactive kid and the added fact is that my kids have a mom who never nags them to study like the studious regular moms who are more in this beautiful earth.

First, we met Karthik’s class teacher.  She said, he was OK in academics, and pointed out that his intelligence is not shown in his performance in the tests.  I told her that he doesn’t have the patience to take up the two-periods test completely.  She was more worried about the way in which he behaves in the class.  She said, he was too good whenever she was around, but was the extreme opposite once the class teacher leaves the class, until the time, the next subject teacher entered. Apart from English Literature (they also have English Language as a paper) and Basic Hindi orals (written, he had done well), all his other marks were quite impressive.  So we had to meet these two teachers.

The English teacher made it my worst ever day at the school.   She said, Karthik was so hyperactive that it required the first 30 minutes of her class to make him sit, and hence she had only ten minutes of the rest of the time to teach the subjectt.  I, being a teacher, had thought that it is the teacher’s basic ability to hold the attention of  his/her class students.  Though, I couldn’t tell her about it.   She said that he doesn’t do this, he doesn’t listen for a long time, this and that.  Also, the last thing that she said, “As a parent, you need to be behind your child, know the test dates, make him write mock tests, check his notebook daily, make him complete his uncompleted work and the like.” I got really furious.  I gathered all my anger and replied her, “I expect all these to happen at school.  I have seen my elder kid during his Class III, who never had opened his text books or note books for studying specifically for his exams during Class III.  But, still he topped not only his class, but the entire third standard comprising of six sections with roughly 40 kids each.”

I feel that the kids should not be pressurized to memorize the subject just for the sake of writing the exams or scoring marks in those exams. The subjects should be taught in such a way that kindles the enthusiasm in the young minds to explore more on those topics.  Even languages, could be taught in the most interesting manner, so that the child develops a passion in knowing the language and its powerfulness.  I cherish a few of  my language teachers during my school and college time, who have made them memorable.

After getting more from his Tamil teacher too, we moved to get the report card of  Vignesh.  His marks too were good in Maths, Science and Social Studies.  But all three languages were a flop, English, Tamil and Basic Hindi.  He had scored roughly 6 or 7 out of a total of 10 points.  His handwriting was something which he had to improve.  That was insisted by all teachers.  He carries already 5 to 6 kgs of loads of books everyday.  Whenever I question him, he says, for each subject, he has one or two text books, 4 or 5 note books, and he had to carry all of them everyday, as they never knew, which notebook they might use  on any particular day.  The Maths teacher complained that, most of the time, he never had the appropriate notebook that he was supposed to have, and was writing in his rough note.  I couldn’t agree to that. And the saddest part was that, she didn’t even remember his name, as she was handling just that paper for his class.

That day, I hated their school the most.  I had always thought that the kids were enjoying their school and this school is not the regular stereotyped, book oriented, mark oriented school.  But I changed my views completely.

I really feel sad for my kids.  Hate to become a mom, who just cares about the marks and grades my kids would get.  I would rather homeschool my kids, instead of putting them in such schools.

வெகு நாட்களுக்குப் பிறகு சந்தித்த தோழிகள்!!

இன்று மாலை, எனக்கு மிகவும் பிடித்ததாய் இருந்தது.  ஆபீஸ் விட்டு வந்தவுடனேயே, என் இரு பிள்ளைகளும் பள்ளியிலிருந்து வந்தனர்.  அவர்கள் மிகவும் பசியுடன் இருந்ததால், அவர்களுக்கு மாலை சிற்றுண்டி தயாரித்துக் கொண்டிருந்தேன்.

அப்போது, என் இணை பிரியா தோழி விஜியிடமிருந்து போன் வந்தது.  அவளை நான் என் வீட்டிற்கு அருகிலிருந்த தையலகத்திற்கு என்றாவது அழைத்துப் போவதாகக் கூறியிருந்தேன்.  அவளுக்கு இன்று நேரம் அமைந்ததால் என் வீட்டிற்கு வருவதாகக் கூறினாள்.

எனக்கு பயங்கர சந்தோஷம்!! அவளைப் பார்த்து பேசப் போகிறோம் என்பதே எனக்குள் ஆவலைத் தூண்டியது.  விஜி வந்தசவுடன், தையலகத்திற்குச் சென்று, அவளுக்கு ஒரு சுடிதார் தைக்கக் கொடுத்துவிட்டு, என் வீட்டிற்கு வந்து சில நேரம் பேசிக் கொண்டிருந்தோம்.  ரொம்ப நாளைக்கப்புறம் நாங்கள் இருவரும் மட்டும் பேசுவது இருவருக்குமே பழைய ஞாபகங்களை வரவழைத்தன.

பேசப் பேச பல விஷயங்கள். நான் சொல்ல, விஜி ரசிக்க, அவள், தன் செல்ல மகள் ரக்க்ஷனாவின் குட்டிக் குட்டி குறும்புகளைச் சொல்ல, நேரம் பறந்தோடியது.

மீண்டும் ஒரு முறை, சிறகடித்துப் பறக்கும் கல்லூரித் தோழிகளாகி விடமாட்டோமா! என்ற ஏக்கம் இருவருக்குமே!

சற்று நேரம் பேசிவிட்டு விஜி சென்றது, மயிலிறகாய் என் மனத்தை வருடுகிறது……

School educational tour costs Rs. 46,500 / Rs. 80,000???

Educational trips during school days have always been memorable, as it has “Nothing Official!!” about it, other than the fact that the teachers accompany the students. Otherwise, the students enjoy their day to the core, and have their memorable moments.  As far as I remember, I have often gone to Mahabalipuram, Crocodile Park or Vandalur Zoo umpteen number of times, in the name of School trip.  During our 11th standard alone, I remember going to Kodaikanal and my juniors then, couldn’t digest that at all.

I have been thinking that things haven’t changed much, as both my kids, regularly go to Dakshin Chitra, the same old Vandalur Zoo, Birla Planetarium or the Musuem as part of their educational trip.  To my surprise, this academic year,  one of my  good friend’s son, studying in Class V,  was heading towards Kodaikanal on a 4 day educational trip.  When I said this to Vignesh, he was so upset that his school doesn’t come up with such places, and instead going to some local place or the other which they all have already visited.

Hey, one fine evening, that too, a Friday evening, a circular was uploaded on their school website regarding Educational Tours 2010-11. Hurray!! was the buzz word among the students.. The circular read that the students from Classes VI to VIII will be taken to a 5 day trip to Singapore costing Rs. 46,500/- and Classes IX – XI will be taken to China on a five day trip for a cost of Rs. 80,000/- I think many parents might have got hot, and irritated.  The children, most of whom have not had taken the word “NO” throughout their life so far, couldn’t digest the fact that their parents are not granting permission for them to go along with their pals on this rare trip. Fortunately or unfortunately, as there were very less registrations, this idea was dropped and now the school has come down a little and announced their next proposal.

The revised proposal is that Class VI to VIII will go on a trip to Jaipur and its surroundings via air, and stay in 4-star hotel, while the students of Classes IX – XI will go to Jodhpur. The costs were between 16,500 to 18,000/-

Even this, is something which haven’t been heard of, at least for me.  Thank god, my son himself, was not convinced with the cost, and was not in a mood to ask me permission.  But, I get calls from other parents, whose children have started nagging them to send them to these trips.

I don’t think they need to spend so high for such educational trips.  They can very well go to near by places, may be villages and show these city bred kids, as to what is nature, what is farming, what is life at the village, how do their counterparts at village study/play etc etc.  May be, someone from my kids’ school read this blog and revisit their decision to go far north, and instead go to a small town/village nearby Chennai…

Is there a GAP period in your child’s school?

Of late, I don’t have to keep Karthik nagging during the early morning times, when he has to get ready for school.  Earlier, it used to be so tough for both Mom and son, as he would be such a nuisance kid, right from the moment he wakes up(rather woken up) at 5:50 a.m. till the moment he boards the school bus, around 6:50 – 7:00 a.m.  I have to be behind him, telling, “Karthik, brush your teeth”, “Karthik, have your milk”, “Hey Karthik, don’t lie down, you will sleep off”, “Do some physical exercise” and the like.

Nowadays, he takes a book, the moment he comes out brushing….Aahaa, I was extremely excited, seeing that.  I have been an avid reader of books, and have read several books, without food and sleep during my school and college days.  Wanting to instill the reading habit in my kids, I have bought them a lot of books right from their very young age, but haven’t been successful earlier.  Only after enrolling ourselves in a nearby lending library, I have stood as a living example to my kids, by reading record number of books in a week/month.  Just to compete with me, they too started reading Enid Blyton’s series, and now they have started loving books.

But Karthik’s GAP book, has been quite a hit at home.  He always asks people at home, some general knowledge question or the other, and shares whatever he knows about that topic.  I was very happy to note that change and asked him what were these books.  He said, they have a period called GAP (Global Awareness Programme) once every week, and they receive one book per month, which they read and discuss that whole month. Since the books are released monthly, they have the latest facts and figures.


The above is the link which I googled and found about the programme.  I could understand that this programme enhances the global awareness levels of the students.

I really long to be a school child once again….