Sickening Saturday School!

My kids always want to stay away from school.  They are happy whenever a holiday is declared.  Last week passed by easily as they knew that school was to be closed for 5 days starting from Friday, being Varalakshmi Vritham, till this Tuesday which was marked Aavani Avittam, as per Hindu calendar.  Wednesday, being the day to perform a minimum of 1008 Gayathri japas, their school was supposed to open by 10 a.m. Rain gods granted them holiday that day too.

Owing to all these holidays, the school is planning to work for a few Saturdays beginning today.  Both Vignesh and Karthik, weren’t in a mood to go to school today.  It was so tough to wake them up today morning.

After promising them a mouth watering grilled sandwich followed by a delicious scoop of icecream at Cream World outlet today evening once they are back from school, half-heartedly they went to school.

I shared this story with my students.  They all supported the kids and said they too felt bored to come on Saturdays…

To hell with school on Saturdays!!!


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