“Why do we pay tax?” – a fitting reply by Karthik…

Yesterday, was another haunting Wednesday, as both Vignesh and Karthik had their cycle test on the tough subject Social Studies(History, Geography and Civics) and EVS(Science and Social Studies together) respectively.  The previous day evening, Vythi, myself and of course, the two kids, we all went for a test drive of Chevy Beat and Spark to a nearby Chevy showroom.  Although it got over around 6:30 p.m., Vythi was of the opinion that we should also go to the Maruti showroom to check on their suite of cars to suit my needs.  I strongly opposed that for the very fact that the kids had exams the next day.  But both of them were very confident that they were well prepared for their exams.  I wasn’t quite sure because, the previous night, Karthik was ready with almost 95% of his portions, whereas Vignesh was OK for around 80% of the lessons.  Of course, he was in Class VI, and had very lengthy lessons to read.  But none gave their ears to my words, and we spent another 1 to one and a half hours at ABT Guindy, and came back home at 8 p.m.  The kids had dinner, tried to revise for sometime, and went to sleep.

Yesterday evening, I was waiting anxiously for their school van to drop them at home.  To my disappointment, the van came very late and the kids got down.  The next moment, I asked them about how well they performed in their tests.  Vignesh replied that he might score above 35 out of 40.  Karthik in his usual style said, “Ma, the paper was ‘sappa easy‘, meaning way too easy for me.  I wrote everything correctly.  Only one question I am doubtful.”

I asked him which was the question that he found as tough, to which he replied “What is Tax?” .  I snubbed him, stating that we had studied it the previous night.  He replied, “Amma, I wrote that part.  There was a second part, which we haven’t studied at all.  The question was “Why do we need to pay tax?”  I too remembered that we hadn’t read anything about this in the entire lesson.  These type of thought-provoking questions are a trademark of The PSBB group of schools.

I was curious to know what Karthik had answered.  I first told him, “Hey, did you answer something to that question or did you leave that one?” He replied, “I thought for a long time and then, I wrote ” We need to pay tax to get loans later”.  The moment myself and Vythi heard that answer, we burst into laughter.

I am very proud of my son’s answer.  He is probably going to become a Financial Analyst in his future….


One comment on ““Why do we pay tax?” – a fitting reply by Karthik…

  1. Vidya says:

    Lol! Uma, this is some quick thinking on his part! Way to go boy!!

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