“Maa, Please be my classmate in Std. III” – Karthik

Karthik, unusually got up the moment he was woken up by me yesterday early morning(It is a very true statement, as the kids wake up around 5:45 a.m. every day and get ready for their school bus by 6:45 a.m.).  I wanted him to have a great week ahead and hence tried to make him feel more joyous about what school had in store for him that day.  He thought for a while about his Monday timetable, and said, “Hurray! I have two games period and a GAP(Global Awareness Programme) period”.

He loves his GAP period as his previous year class-in-charge teacher Mrs. Vasumathi Ma’m was the one who handled that subject.  She is a very lively person, and makes the class very interesting.  I said Karthik that I was really feeling envious, and loved to attend her classes along with him.

Karthik immediately replied, “OK, then you come and get your admission into Std. III in our school.  You can then sit next to me and listen to Vasumathi Madam’s class.  But the only problem is, you look like a giant especially when you are near me or any of my other classmates.  You try to become as small as I am, so that you will get your school admission very easily”.

I asked him, “How on earth can I become small Karthi?” for which he cooly replied, “Watch a few Jackie Chan series tonight and find out which magic stone is needed for becoming like a dwarf and try to get that somehow!!”

I am yet to find out that particular magic stone.


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