My sins against the Gender stereotypes:Tag

This tag started by IndianHomeMaker , had been a hit in the blogs, who have continued to write about their so-called sins.  My colleague, Vidya, in her blog on this topic, had tagged me.

Here goes my list where I had done certain things that a typical girl may not have done:

  1. I have never reached home before 10 p.m. during my M.Sc. days, where I used to go to carnatic concerts in every nook and corner of the city, and return home taking the last train to Tambaram.  My mom used to wait for me, near the railway station, looking whether her daughter would come at least in the next coming train…
  2. I was the only person, who was neither included in the girls gang nor the boys group, but was a bridge between the two during my M.Sc. college days.
  3. When we went for our honeymoon, after our wedding, it was me who carried our baggages, like a porter, while Mr.V came walking empty handed besides me.
  4. I never get scared when my kids get an injection shot from their doctors.  It’s usually my husband who gets terrified at that scene.
  5. I don’t nag my better half, on most of the issues. Mainly to take me out for shopping(I prefer doing them myself), going out with friends, taking me to my parents’ place etc.
  6. I don’t worry about my looks
  7. I value relationship but do not get very emotional, i believe in my mom’s style of being  “detached within an attachment”.
  8. I treat my kids, aged 10 and 8, as friends and do not try to control them with my supreme power of being their mom.  (Even, if i try to do so, they will not dance to my tunes, they prefer doing things their way..)
  9. Most women, at least the Indian counterparts, always dream to get a boy child, when they are pregnant. I always wanted a girl, but have two daring darling devils.
  10. I have never been shy like a girl.  Always managed to win people, even during my first encounter with the anonymous people.
  11. Did lots of not-to-do things while I was pregnant.  Even, during my last trimester, the college where I worked, I had worked till the last week, that my colleagues used to fear that they would be the witness during my delivery rather than a professional doctor.

That’s me where I differ from the stereotyped woman.  But, here goes a list where I prove I am a woman

  1. I cry a lot, especially when I read or watch emotional stories.
  2. I am very very patient.
  3. I love cooking.
  4. I love spending time with my people
  5. I love shopping for sarees, accessories, roam aimlessly through the shops in Pondy Bazaar for hours together,
  6. I love to hear compliments from near and dear about my culinary skills.
  7. I love to be loved by my man.

Happy to be the woman I am!!


2 comments on “My sins against the Gender stereotypes:Tag

  1. You are one independent person! I think each one of us is unique and it’s only fair that each should be allowed to be themselves. When women are made to act and fit into the ‘stereotypical women’s roles’ by the society, by demanding they love to cook, by insisting their pleasure lies in putting family before themselves, by making little girls give up their running and playing and persuading them to play with dolls and cooking sets – I think by doing all this we kill their individuality and make them feel something must be wrong with them because they are so full of strengths like being able to question, fix a bulb, travel on their own after dark etc. Hats off to those who manage to do it!!
    Men go through a lot of trauma trying to fit into the standard mold for a male – can’t show an interest in cooking or can’t show feelings !

    It’s fortunate when we can comfortably talk about cooking and lifting heavy luggage at the same time 🙂

    Loved your mother’s ‘detachment within attachment’ message!!

    • umaspeaksout says:

      Thanks IHM,

      Your starting post made me to take time off to think about myself. Hats off to you for starting this post.


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