Science Test got over, but the scars still remain!!

Yesterday, was the First Cycle Test for both Vignesh, Class VI and Karthik, Class III.  Karthik had a cake walk, especially since he is a math wizard.  Also, the fact that the First Cycle Test portions are not very tough, since it is mostly the brushing up of concepts that was done in the previous year, i.e. Class II.

Their school, makes it a point, that the paper is more interactive, and the kids love to take up the exam.  All this made Karthik to complete his Math paper very easily…But, poor chap, Vignesh, for whom, almost all family members helped in his exam preparations, it was a not so easy paper.

Vignesh, in Class VI, has in Science, three sub-subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  There were totally three lessons for this cycle test, one from each of the sub-subjects.  It was Measurement and Motion in Physics, Matters in Chemistry and The world around us, in Biology.  The easiest was Biology, while the other two were equally tough.  In Physics, there were a lot of definitions for various motions like curvilinear, rectilinear, translatory, rotatary, periodic, oscillatory etc., Each definition was followed by various practical examples.  Chemistry was a mixture, like definitions for alloys, mixture etc., followed by terms like solute, solvent, decantation, desalination, filteration, winnowing and the list goes endless.

For the effort the kids had put, the paper could have been a bit easy.  It was not.  The paper was more of a practical type; There were few pictures, and the students were asked to guess what type of motion it was, a few questions that tested the analytical skills and a few other where, more in depth knowledge into the subject was compulsory to answer the same.

When Vignesh reached home, and I saw the paper, I could understand the stress the tired kid might have undergone and told him not to worry much about the results.  When his dad, Vythi, reached home, and I narrated the miserable status of the kids in Vignesh class, Vythi, initially didn’t believe.  He wanted to go through the paper, for which Vignesh immediately agreed and gave him the same.  Once, he finished a quick glance on the paper, his immediate reaction was “I really feel inferior.  I might fail in this paper, if I write now”.  My father-in-law is a pioneer in Chemistry, and hence he was called in for checking Vignesh’s answers in Chemistry.  To our delight, Vignesh had answered everything correct in Chemistry.  His Physics and Bio performance too were good, but his marksheet has to spell out his intelligence…at least for Vignesh to get a brand new Cycle for himself.

All the very best, Vignesh, New Cycle after Cycle Test!!!


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