Fast approaching First Cycle Test for my kids!!

This academic year, has not yet become terrible, thanks to the 5 day holiday due to the World Tamil Conference, Kovai.  When the school reopened on June 7th 2010, the kids got their diary which said that their First Cycle Test was due on 7th July 2010, exactly one month, after the school reopened.

Till June end, both the brothers didn’t give a thought about studying for their cycle tests. When Vignesh demanded us for a new cycle, as he was sharing his cycle with his younger brother Karthik, I thought upon an idea, and told Vignesh that we will get him a new cycle provided he gets the first rank in his class in the First Cycle Test.  Karthik, has also been warned to reduce his mischievousness and concentrate on his studies.

Yesterday, when Vythi came home, after a hectic day as well as a hectic week, to start to Bangalore, the house was in pin drop silence as Karthik was doing a practice worksheet in Maths, and Vignesh was studying for his Science exam. Wow!! what a rare scene at this house!! was the response from Vythi.

Hopefully, this continues for a few days…..


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