June comes and back to School, Back to School!!!

Once again, June has come, and Vignesh and Karthik are back to school.  This year, both kids, will be traveling together by School Bus to Gerugambakkam, (which is 12 kms from my house at Ashok Nagar, situated in the Porur-Kundrathur Road, approximately 2.8 kms from the Porur Junction).

The kids were happy about one thing in connection with the school.  The previous week, we went shopping, in the name of school, till our legs ached, and our purses were almost empty.  I made it a point not to use my credit card, and swipe, because, i knew, i will overdo with my shopping using the card.  More than my kids, I get attracted with the new stationery items, as well as water bottles, and snack boxes.  My elder one, Vignesh, is a real charm here.  He is a mini version of Uma.pre 1999 , as that Uma was known in her circle to be very stingy, and tight pursed.  He keeps his school bags for a minimum of three to four year period in contrast to the younger brat Karthik, who makes me buy at least two or three bags per academic year.  Vignesh’s pencil would resemble Gandhiji’s little pencil.  I think this guy would take just one pencil per year.  On the other hand, karthik would come asking for pencil, eraser, sharpener etc., on a daily basis.They got lovely water bottles endorsed by Dhoni and Yuvaraj, to show their love towards cricket.  Karthik got himself a Yuvaraj pencil box.

School reopened on 7th June 2010.  There has not been much classes yet.  The children are feeling bored, and are not happy to go to school.  I would love to have someone there who would make my kids yearn to to go to school.  Teachers!! please do something to make school interesting…


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