Mother’s Day 2010 – a sweet surprise

Yesterday, being the 2nd Sunday of May, was celebrated as Mother’s Day all over the world.  In my family too, we do celebrate it well.  My husband and his sister would always get their mom, something and surprise her with a gift, may be a saree, or a handbag, or something that is close to her heart.

This year, my husband, started to proceed to Nai Haa for getting his mom, a salwar kameez of her choice.  She said, in this hot summer, she would prefer salwar to saree.  Both Vignesh and Karthik, started along with him, taking money from their collection box.  I think they have a much heavier box than mine. They picked up a beautiful synthetic saree, a white one with blue and purple flowers all over the saree and gifted me.

While Vignesh, was the one who chose the colour and the saree, Karthik, was as usual in his best, when he told his dear Anna, that, “Dai, the best gift for her today, by us would be that we both shouldn’t trouble her much!!”…Aaaaaaah, what a statement!!


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