Roshan vs Srikanth in Today’s Airtel Super Singer Junior II

Vijay TV’s Airtel Super Singer Junior – II, a music show deciding the special voice among thousands of young boys and girls  of Tamil Nadu, has reached a very interesting stage.  All initial elimination rounds are over, and we have now, 10 deserving contestants who are fighting each other with a sportive spirit, (not common for their age!!) to win the title.  This week, the first two days, the boys of the show were competing against each other, to select top two among the boys, and a rapid fire round for the two kids, to decide, who will win a prize money of Rs. 1,00,000/-.   Karthik was hooked to see to it that Srikanth will win the prize, whereas myself and Vignesh, were both thinking that Roshan will win.  They both topped the boys list, with equal scores, and went to the rapid fire round.  In that round, each player had to sing for a minute, followed by the other, for the next one minute, and then the first will do his next song, and like that, each player were supposed to sing three songs.

Both the kids, did a great job, but I was confident that Roshan would win, as he was seen as the clear winner.  But, the judges choices were different, and Srikanth was ahead of Roshan by 1 point, and hence won this week’s boy’s award for a lakh rupees.

better luck Roshan,  next time!!!


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