Pied Piper of Jains Antariksha!!!

Our flat at Jains Antariksha boasts of 4 huge buildings, with the swimming pool at the centre of the 4 buildings.  There are around 85 flats in this building.  Most of the houses here have the problem of cockroaches and ours has a better count when compared to the rest.  When we did pest control, with specific mention to cockroaches, for the first time, the pest control guys, were shocked to see the state of our house.

Yesterday, was one such occasion, and a single man from the pest control office turned up at our house promptly at 10:00 a.m.  Within two hours, he completed his job of spraying the chemical mixture at various possible places where the cockroaches would be generally found.  But it took us a whole day, to initially make ready for the Pest control Operation  as well as the afternoon, to set back the house to its original version.

Our Pied Piper brought his sprayer and sprayed the chemical, and all the cockroaches, went after him.




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