Unforgettable February’s of my life so far

When I look back, I think I have a few Feb’s which remain fresh in my mind….

  • Feb 1997 – No one among our friends gang would have believed that Srivi would get married so early.  B’coz, she was the most vibrant among us, and always wants to do the impossible sort of.. Her parents had two lovely daughters, and wanted them to excel in whichever field they wanted to.  Both sisters were doing computer courses, and Srivi used to tell us that “I want to see the millennium and only then get married” etc. But, her charming prince came on Jan 26th 1997, and this lady fell flat and got married within a fornight, and flew to America.
  • Feb 1999 – It was my turn, now as I got engaged to Vythi, in Nov. ’98, and our wedding was fixed for March 1999.  It was then that I realized that days are longer, and nights even worser, that I just wanted the calendar to run and stand at March 5th 1999.  We just had a month to go, before we lost our bachelor life, and become life-partners.  That year, Feb. 14th was my first Valentine’s Day, with Vythi, and we enjoyed each other’s company very much that day.  Vythi gifted me a cute little pair of earrings. There was lots of shopping going on, meeting friends and relatives to invite them for wedding and so on.
  • Feb 2000 – Viji got married on Feb.4th in the millennium year. Vignesh was hardly 2 months old, but that couldn’t prevent me from enjoying her wedding.  Not only Viji and Ram, we all were waiting for their wedding to happen, and we had a wonderful time.  My cousin, Kamakshi got engaged to Easwar at Trichy in Feb. 2000.  VIgnesh was too small to travel, but I insisted Vythi that I had to be there for her engagement somehow and Vythi took his car, Maruti 800, and we three went to Trichy to attend the function.  It was also a memorable February for my brother Raman, as he and Bhavani got engaged on Feb 14th 2000.

Then, many February’s passed by.  I am not able to remember any other milestone that I could write now. Again, to start with

  • Feb 2006 We decided Vignesh was ready for his Upanayanam and performed his Upanayanam on Feb 23rd.  My brother and his family had also come down from America for that.  It was a double treat as Varun, my brother’s son, was a year old and we did his Abdhapoorthi(First b’day celebration) on Feb 9th 2006.
  • Feb 2007 Viji and Ram had a double treat with the birth of their duo Rakshith and Rakshana, who are their double trouble right now.  But time will fly, and the two will grow into two beautiful souls, making their parents proud about their kids and their achievements.
  • Feb 2009 My cousin, Ramya, who is a real darling and pet in my mom’s side, got married on Feb 8th 2009.  We all had waited for that wonderful day, when she became officially Sriram’s wife.  Her wedding was filled with fun and happiness, and her dad, Kannan, took every pains to make it a grand success.  As we did for Vignesh, we planned for Karthik’s Upanayanam in the tamil month of Maasi, and thought it would fall in Feb 2009, but, it went a little further, and Karthik’s Upanayanam happened on the International Women’s day, March 8th.
  • Feb 2010 What else could be the reason for happiness, than the reunion of friends after a long time.  It has been 9 full years, since Srivi, came to India.  The last ocassion that she was here was in Jan 2001, for her sweet sister’s wedding.  That year, I had a small kid in Vignesh, and Viji too was newly married, and added to that Srivi was shuttling between Ambattur, her in-laws place and Chromepet, her parents’ place.  We couldn’t spend much time among ourselves.  But, this New Year 2010, when she called us to say that she is landing in India on Jan 31st, and will be here for another three weeks, our happiness had no bounds at  all.  The whole three weeks was a pleasure for all our friends.  We had our sweet time, and spent excellent days together, thanks to our respective husbands and kids.  Yesterday, being her last day in India, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet her, and took Vignesh and Karthik along with me to her parents’ place at Chromepet.

Bon Voyage Srivi, Ravi, Anjali and Aakash.  We would love to see you all at the earliest possible moment…..


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