At last Ramkumar got his Agra Petha….hehehe…

Although, many of us have a sweet tooth, Viji’s better half, Ramkumar, fondly known as Ram, to our circle, had always had the craze for this sweet called Agra Petha, that too, bought from Mansukh’s Restaurant T. Nagar.


Earlier during our pre-married life, we friends used to hang around at Mansukh’s often, and have tasted this sweet many times.  Of late, we don’t even meet once a year, and hence, for the last two birthdays of Ram, I used to promise him this sweet, but have never found time to pick it up from Mansukh’s. Yesterday, it was a great reunion of college friends at Mansukh’s’ for lunch, (it owes a separate post for itself) and yes, I got Agra Petha for Ram, and promptly sent it through his sweetheart, Viji.


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