Was down with food poisoning for two days, and still looking forward to Pongal!!!

I hadn’t been well for the past two days.  Was not able to go to office, since I had a worst stomach upset.  Yet, tommorrow is Bhogi, and the next day, being Pongal, I am looking forward to the festive days. I love Bhogi, first of all, because it is my only brother’s birthday.  I still remember those young years, when I used to surprise my dear brother with cards, at unimaginable places. Next to it, is the unbeatable food that day, the menu goes like Paruppu vadai, poli, payasam, sambar, avial or kootu, poriyal, appalam, etc. etc.

Tomorrow, I am planning to do paruppu vadai, and if time permits, Poli too, before rushing to office.  The kids, have holidays right from tomorrow till Sunday.  Monday, being my cousin’s wedding at Bangalore, they are taking that day too off, which makes them have six full days as holidays.


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