Titan Raga Chocolate watch collection!!

As a teenager, I had always longed to own a Titan watch. On my 21st birthday, my dad had gifted me Rs.1500/- to get a Titan watch.  Me and my friends, Srivi and Viji, had gone to the Titan showroom at Pondy Bazaar.  Although I had my dream of getting a Titan watch, the moment we went there, on seeing the Timex collections, I got myself two Timex watches instead of a single Titan watch.  Srivi, who got married in 1997 and settled in USA,  came for my wedding in March 1999.  She gifted me and my husband, a Titan pair watch, which was the first of my Titan watch collection.  We still have those watches after 11 blissful years of married life.  Mine was a round dial, with light brown strap.  Then, I had only that watch for a long time, around 7 to 8 years.

A few years back, my husband, Vythi, got me a stainless steel strapped Titan, as a surprise for my birthday.  It had a black dial. That was Titan Watch No.2.

For the past few years, Titan has been having a campaign, “Exchange any of your old Titan watches, and have a discount of 25% on the new one!!”.  I went to the Vadapalani showroom in 2007, and to my good luck that day, the showroom manager offered me the 25% discount without my exchange of the old Titan watch.  I got a golden strapped oval dialed watch. Watch No.3 from Titan

Every year, for Valentine’s day, it used to be my practice to get Vythi some romantic gift.  He generally doesn’t have that habit of shopping aimlessly or even romantically.  Last Valentine’s day, Feb 2008, Vythi was up at his usual time, and was reading the newspaper.  He saw a Titan ad, which caught his attention, and drove directly to the Titan showroom that morning and got me a watch with a cool blue dial, and blue stones on the stainless steel strap.  That watch was specially released by Titan for that year’s Valentine’s day, and I was happy to get my 4th Titan watch.

Titan watches, which used to be my all-time favourite, had slipped down on sales during the late 90’s and early years of the 21st century.  But recently, for the past two or three years, they have been releasing new and new range of products.  Last May, they released Titan Chocolate collection, which were reminiscing of Chocolates.  I knew I already had many watches, but couldn’t resist my temptation towards Chocolate.  Later that year, Raga Diva collections were launched and this year just before Diwali, Titan flora collections were launched.

It was a gift, God-sent, when our family won the gift coupon for Rs.500/- redemption coupon, from Titan Watches, Ashok Nagar, for tie display of Golu at our house, for this year 2009.  I couldn’t make up my mind, as to whether to buy Chocolate or Diva or Flora collection.  I loved one of the patterns of Flora, which had a beautiful dark blue strap, and the dial was also rectangular, which i didn’t own so far.  But, I had waited patiently for quite a few months, and inspite of that wasn’t very lucky to get that. Ultimately, I was quite impressed by the Chocolate watch which others too liked and took that watch.

The above watch has an ivory dial and a matching strap.  Mine has a dark chocolate brown strap and a light brown dial.  Will post a picture of my own watch…


One comment on “Titan Raga Chocolate watch collection!!

  1. Priyanka says:

    Where can i get dis one in mp ??? pls tell ??

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