Vignesh turned TEN today!!!

Hey, It has been 10 wonderful years, since my older son, Vignesh, came into our life. I loved his birthdate, Dec. 7, as it has been celebrated as Flag Day. Right since my childhood, when there used to be a mention of the soldiers who worked for our country, during our morning general assembly, I used to remember the great deeds of these soldiers on Dec. 7th every year thereafter.

Now, a short recap of what happened 10 years back, on the day Vignesh was  born:

I got married to Vythi, on March 5th, 1999.  We were expecting our first kid in the first week of December 1999.  Throughout my pregnancy, I had lots of complications, right from the date, the pregnancy got confirmed, till the date of delivery.  I remember,  waiting hours together, every fornight or so, in front of my gynaec’s examination room, at St. Isabel Hospital, Mylapore, Chennai.  At last, on Dec.3rd, which was supposed to be my expected date of delivery, I got admitted into the hospital.

My doctor, checked me thoroughly, and said, we can wait for another couple of days, and look for possibilities of a natural delivery.  My husband was more anxious than me to see the kid.  And, to add to it, he is of the nature, that he gets worked up for even very small things.  I am basically a very optimistic, and an active lady.  I hated the scene of lying down in the hospital bed, and hence I avoided lying down on that bed.  Vythi who is very much workaholic was relieved to be out of his work related situation, and enjoyed himself in that bed.  Most of the time, when the nurses came to check my vital parameters, used to laugh at finding him in the bed, instead of me..

On Dec.6th morning, the doctor decided to induce pain, and she said, she will put me in the process of administering Oxytocin.  She said, I would soon go into labour.  I had heard several stories on pain during labour, and had the firsthand experience of seeing ladies on the labour table, who were shouting with pain.  But, during the entire pregnancy, I had built up my mind to be calm and smile, when my baby comes into this wonderful world, instead of crying with pain.  The nurses asked me to keep walking, so that I get into labour pain soon.  I experienced mild contractions, but I kept a smiling face.  This continued, till the next day evening…..Poor Vythi, was irritated by that sight of me simply walking up and down, that too with a wide grin on my face.  He went to the doctor, many times, and said, “You are saying that the cervix has dilated 25%, 40%, 45% etc., but still I don’t see anything concrete that is happening”.   My mother was unwell, and she was lying down.  My dad and my mother-in-law were mere spectators.  On 7th evening, the doctor, found that my placenta was very strong, and she artificially ruptured the placenta, so that the progress towards childbirth will be faster.  Soon after that, the pains were becoming severe, and the doctor, asked Vythi, who had been with me for the entire 3 days at hospital to attend to his work for a few hours, and the birth would probably be at around 11p.m. or later.  So, Vythi left half-heartedly, to his office.  Things were going smoothly, and the doctor too, left for her home, after giving necessary instructions, to the duty doctor and the nurses.  At around 9 p.m., the nurses found that the heartbeat of the baby was coming down, and immediately informed my doctor.  She came within 20 minutes, checked me, and said, the umbilical cord, has tied around the neck of the baby, and hence myself pushing the baby had started to choke the baby slightly and that was the reason, for the decrease in its heartbeat.  She said, it would be safe to proceed to a caesarean, and I immediately agreed.  My mother-in-law was hesitant, as my husband was also not there at that moment. But the doctor, said we have to proceed to the operation theatre and hence I, who was fully conscious had to sign in the Patient agreement document, before proceeding to the theatre.  My husband was also informed of the urgency of the situation.  Added to the complications, all the major operations theatres in the hospital were occupied, with pre-planned surgeries.  My doctor, took me to a Mini-OT which was free at 9:35 p.m., and at 9:43 p.m., Vignesh came into this world, thanks to Dr. Usha Krishnakumar and her team members.

Today, after 10 wonderful years of parenting my two kids, I am extremely thankful to the Almighty, for blessing me with such a wonderful family – a loving husband, and two sweet kids.

Happy Birthday Vignesh!!!


One comment on “Vignesh turned TEN today!!!

  1. Shobanaa says:

    Hi Mam, My name is Shobanaa and I am 7 months now, I have been showing to Dr. Usha Krishnakumar, but I have several doubts in my mind regarding the service, and the how far the doctor is available – if we have even any minor doubts and points to clarify.

    I just saw your post, it is so well reflected and now feel more confident, but still I would like to have a word with you at your convenience any time. I would like to call and speak to you on the same. It would be great, if you could let me know the best number to reach you.

    My email id is – A line in reply would be much appreciated.


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