House on Wheels!!

My husband’s cousin, works as an Accounts Executive.  He has never been seen in the same city for more than two years, for the past ten years.  Both my husband and his cousin brother got married in 1999.  So, we have two kids, each, almost of the same age, although of opposite sexes.  He has two lovely daughters, and we are blessed with two tireless daring boys.  The kids too have adapted to their father’s nomadic life.  They were initially at Chennai, then went to Bangalore, then for a short time to Mumbai, back to Chennai, and recently he switched to a new company, for which he has to work from Bangalore.  Whenever I went to their house, I used to tell my co-sister, as to how they were able to pack and unpack their entire house, every one or two years.  We had moved to our own flat in 2002 September, and are yet to paint it, just for the worry that how to shift the things, and put them back on their places.  It has been seven plus years, without repainting.  She gave me an interesting look and said, “Uma, you know something. My kids have suggested a beautiful plan.  They said, just like the trolley bags comes with wheels underneath them, they suggested their dad to have a House on Wheels, so that they can move to wherever place on earth, their daddy gets his job.” A very wild imagination by her kids!!!

<img src='' border='0' alt='houseonwheels' title='Click to View Full Size Image'


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