To hell with exams!!

Yesterday, Vignesh was to appear for his Grade 1 Piano exam, conducted by the prestigious Trinity Music College, London.  Last year, when he had to appear for the initial grade exam, my husband was in town and he took the responsibility of taking Vignesh from school, then getting him to the exam centre and back home.  This year, since my husband was not in town, I had to accompany Vignesh, whose exam was scheduled to happen at 4:13 p.m., at Musee Musicals, Mount Road, Chennai.  All the more, rains had been heavily pouring in Chennai for the past few days.  Adding to this, my younger kid, Karthik, had to be picked up from school once, the school left.  So, I engaged my usual driver, went to school around 12:30 noon, picked Vignesh, after getting the necessary permission, and we both reached the venue by 2:15 p.m.  We saw his piano master, Kumaresh Sir, who asked us to wait along with the 50 odd students & parents.  As the clock ticked, my heart too was beating, but at a faster rate….There were kids, who had come to appear for Grade 3 or Grade 4, and they were telling their past experiences to us.  Vignesh was keeping his cool, or atleast that was how he appeared to me.

That was the time I gave some thought about the exams, especially of  this nature, wherein, a child had worked, putting effort for almost a year, and ultimately, the few minutes of exam, decides his fate.  I was telling  Vignesh, that his piano exam, was like a cricket match…Inspite of a player being termed world-class, or match-winner, every match is a test for him.  He is criticized, when he doesn’t perform in one of the many matches that he plays.  Same goes with Vignesh’s test.  Although, he had toiled very hard for his piano exams, the eight to eleven minutes of test, that he was about to take, would decide on the marks that he will score in that Grade.  From the time he entered into the exam hall, until he came back, I wasn’t my own self.

I cursed myself for putting this kid, under tremendous pressure.  I could feel that he had the pressure of performing, more than enjoying music, which was the primary reason, that I had put him into training in music.

Still, deep inside my heart, I kept praying that he scored 87% or more, so that he passes the Grade I exam with distinction.


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