Anand became “AN”, “AND”!!

During the summer holidays of 2007, just to keep my kids engaged, I had asked my elder son to help the younger one who was just into UKG, in knowing more english words and their usage. They used to somehow kill the time on this issue, and everyday, Karthik used to say, something or the other like, “Anna taught me sight words”, “today, I learnt action words”, “It was a few prepositions” etc.etc. To make me know about his teaching, Vignesh would test Karthik in front of me on several things that he had taught. One morning, it was their first day to school of the academic year 2007-2008. Me and my kids were standing down in the corridor for the driver to bring our car. Karthik, usually cannot stand quietly at any place even for a second. So, he was trying to gaze at the Flat Owners’ Name List that was beside us. He suddenly called his brother and said, “Anna, see how funny it is. One uncle loves English so much that he has kept his name as “N. an.and“. Vignesh looked at that board and found somebody whose name was N. Anand. He tried to explain his younger brother that the name was Anand and not as Karthik had said. But Karthik didn’t want to give up. He stood firmly on his stand, “No, you are cheating, you only taught me the spellings of “an” and “and” and now you are trying to change”.


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