Traffic Signals and Karthik

This incident happened when my younger kid, Karthik was around 3 years old.  He had joined his nursery class at The PSBB Millennium School, Chennai.  Every day, we used to go to school by car.  He had just then started travelling through the Chennai roads, and came across the traffic signals quite often.  I explained him to his level, as to what was the need for traffic signals, and how we need to obey them etc.  I showed him various traffic signals and he watched them with great curiousity.  One fine day, he asked me, “Amma, if the green light shows right or left direction, we take the right or left side roads, but when the green light shows “UP” direction, why are we going straight? Either, the direction symbol is wrong, or we are proceeding in the wrong direction.!

It is amazing, how the kids’ brains work!!! Even today, whenever I cross any signal, and see the GO signal in green, I am remembered of Karthik’s words….


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