Homework Horrors of a Class V student

My elder son Vignesh is in Class V in The PSBB Millennium School, Chennai and the younger one, Karthik is in the same school in Class II.  Generally, I prefer the two kids to do their homework by themselves, without getting the help of me or my husband.  Vignesh, especially loves doing Math homework, but finishes all his homework regularly.  Karthik, still a small kid, is more playful, forgets most of the time about his homework (at least that’s what he tells us!!).  I have to ask him a  hundred odd times, whether he has any homework to do or not.  This year, the subjects like Science and Social Studies have text books, that just touch upon various topics under the sun.  So, the kids have lots of homework of the explorative kind.  Last week, Vignesh had a Geography homework regarding “Facts about the Planet Earth”, for which we had to google out the answers.  Yesterday, there was a Science homework, which he remembered only around 9:30p.m. that too, when a friend of his, called Vignesh to clarify his doubts in that work.

That was the time, when the two kids generally switch off the T.V. and at least try to get into sleep.  Cursing the homework, Vignesh called me for help, as he couldn’t figure out the answers by himself.  A few sample questions from that worksheet:

1. Why do lions have eyes in the front of their heads?

2. Where are the  eyes of the deer placed in their face?

3. Why do lotus leaves float in the water?

4. Why do rare medicinal herbs grow only in mountains and not in plains?

I compared this with the type of homework that I used to have during my school days.   We were never pressurised with such kind of homework.

Along with Vignesh, I too dread the sight of homework, which takes hours of googling for the answers….


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